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Mac OS Ken: 02.21.2012

China Telecom to Start Sales of iPhone 4S on 9 March

Oppenheimer And Company Raises Apple 12-Month Price-Target to 570-Dollars on iPhone and iPad Strength

FLA CEO Says Organization Has Uncovered “Tons of Issues” at Foxconn Plant in Shenzhen

ABC’s Nightline to Feature a Look Inside Foxconn Tonight

Foxconn Raises Salaries for Factory Workers in China by 16-25%

WSJ: Google Sneaks Past Default Privacy Setting on Safari to Leave Cookies

Microsoft Says Google Cheating Privacy Setting on IE9

Members of Congressional Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus Ask FTC for Information on Google/Safari Issue

Apple Wins Ruling Against Motorola Mobility in Germany for Violating Slide-to-Unlock Patent on Android-Based Smartphones

ITC Says Apple Does Not Violate HTC Patents Covering Power Management and Phone Number Directories

Apple Settles AntennaGate Suits in the States

Text in Code Makes Messages Look Like a Mountain Lion-Only Feature After beta

Apple Launches Contest Counting Up to 25-Billion Apps

Apple Launches “Start Developing iOS Apps Today” App Development Overview

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