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Mac OS Ken: 02.18.2013

Apple Insider: Mr. Munster Thinks It Is About Time for an Apple Media Event

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Seeks Engineering Manager for Apple TV

Executive Tweets Indicate Sale of Apple Products Heading to Staples in the States

Chitika: Web Use for Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 Nearly Equal for First Part of February

9 to 5 Mac: iOS 6.1 Allows Changes on Devices Set Up for “Don’t Allow Changes”

MacNN: Rumor Has iOS 6.1.2 Hitting with Exchange and Passcode Fixes This Week

Apple Appeals Ruling Over iPhone Trademark in Brazil

Posterous Pulling Plug on Web and Mobile Sites at End of April

Australian Government Agency Replacing 1,300 Nine-Year-Old iMac G4s with Acer Computers

Chicagoland School District Plans Implementation of Up to 7k iPads Next School Year

Apple Brings Late-2012 21.5-Inch iMac to Its Refurbished Store

9 to 5 Google: Secret Source Says Google Planning Standalone Google Retail Stores by End of Year

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