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Mac OS Ken: 02.09.2012

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Sprint Sells 1.8-Million iPhones in 4QCY2011; Takes Huge Hit to Bottom Line on Subsidies

CNN Money: The High Cost to Carriers of Carrying iPhone

T-Mobile USA Giving Away Phones and Tablets as Part of “Valentine’s Day Sale” (Three Days Before Valentine’s Day)

Priceonomics: iPhone Best Smartphone Value Over Time

Path Apologizes and Purges Uploaded User Address Book Info

Hipster App Also Sends Address Book Info to Company Servers Without User Knowledge

Hipster Apologizes; Plans to Hold a Privacy Summit

ZDNet Goes Chapter and Verse on iOS Apps and Data Collection

Apple Live-Streaming Paul McCartney Concert Tonight via iTunes and Apple TV

Amazon Makes Streaming Video Deal with Viacom

New EFI Firmware Updates Bring Lion Internet Recovery to MOst Macs Made Since 2010

MacRumors Says Apple Kills MacBook White for Educational Institutions

PCMag Awards Final Cut Pro X “Editors Choice” After Recent Update and Plan Petition Deliveries at Apple Stores Around the World

Smart Audio Technologies Goes a-Trollin’ Against Apple, Creative Arts, and Philips Over Audio Playlist Patent

Virgin Australia Airline Sued for Not Having Flight CHarts on iPads Before iPad Was Released

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