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Mac OS Ken: 02.03.2014

Former Masimo Exec Reportedly Hired by Apple
Apple Holds Probable iWatch Meeting with FDA
9 to 5 Mac: Healthbook App to Act as iWatch Data Conduit
Apple CEO Meets with Prime Minister of Ireland
Apple CEO Meets with UAE PM; Drops in on UAE Resellers
iPhone Catches Fire in Teenager’s Back Pocket
Lenovo CEO Plans to Surpass Apple and Samsung with Motorola Acquisition
Apple and Others Sued by Touchscreen Patent Troll
States Seek $840M From Apple in eBook Case
Judge Issues “Shame On You” Ruling Against Samsung
Apple Issues Fourth Developer Build of Mavericks 10.9.2
NFL Tests iBeacons Around Super Bowl
MLB Reportedly Looking to Have 20 Parks iBeaconed by Opening Day
Download a Free U2 Track for Charity

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