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This is daily Apple news. Monday through Friday, Ken Ray brings commute-sized tech news to the podsphere. If it's Apple news, Apple-related news, or news related to Apple-related news, you'll hear about it here. News you'll like... this is Mac OS Ken.

- iPhone Chipmaker Dialog Semi Slips Through Guidance Window

- Credit Suisse Sees Smartphone Production Down 19% This Quarter

- MacRumors Sees Second Push for Upgrades for Apple

- Piper Jaffray Sees Strength for iOS in the Enterprise

- Second Streams for Single Users Dying on HomePod

- HopePod to Hit China at Over US$400

- Wedbush Thinks Apple Needs to Buy a Studio Yesterday

- Following Up on AAPL, Millennials, and Robinhood

- Apple Health Records Scores Well with Early Adopters

- Bigger Eaton Centre Apple Store Confirmed

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