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Mac OS Ken: 01.20.2014

NYT Runs Negative Piece on Day-One China Mobile iPhone Sales

Apple Insider Sees Pics of Lines for iPhone at China Mobile Stores

Electronista Tells Tales of Lines for iPhone at China Mobile Stores

Tim Takes to Twitter: Having Fun in Beijing

BMO Analyst Bullish on China Mobile iPhone Potential

NPD: Apple and Samsung Widen Smartphone Leads in the States

NPD: Date Use Grows as Music Streaming Increases

Spotify Drops Free Listening Limit for Web Client

Judge Cote Outlines Reasons for Keeping Bromwich Around

Apple to Officially Appeal Judge Cote Decision

FTC Commissioner Makes Case Against Apple In-App Purchase Settlement

Consumer Reports Says In-App Purchases in Google Play Store More Hazardous Than in App Store

Coca Cola Considers Deployment of iBeacons Worldwide

Shopkick to Expand iBeacon Trials Across 100 American Eagle Stores

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