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Mac OS Ken: 01.20.2012

Apple Announces iBooks 2, iBooks Textbooks, and iBooks Author

Engadet and All Things D: iBooks Textbooks Top Out at $14.99

TechCrunch: iBooks Textbooks Start with Eight Titles Despite Partnerships with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill and Pearson

Apple New iTunes U App for iOS Devices; Organizes All Aspects of Courses Into App

Apple Updates iTunes to v10.5.3 Adding Support iBooks Textbooks Syncing

Business Insider: Potential Problems in the Way of Apple’s EDU Revolution

Apple Posts Thursday EDU Event as a Podcast on iTunes Here

China Unicom Says First-Week iPhone 4S Sales Better Than First-Week iPhone 4 Sales

Security Firm Study Finds iOS Taking Top Spot From BlackBerry in Corporate Smartphones

IHS: Windows Phone to Take Second Place from iOS Phones in 2015

IHS iSuppli: Apple World’s Largest Buyer of Microphones in 2011

At the Taipei Zoo: Hon Hai Chairman Likens Managing Million-Person Workforce to Managing a Million Animals

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