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Mac OS Ken: 01.20.2011

RBC Ups Apple Target to 425-Dollars / Gleacher, Barclays, and UBS All Up Apple Targets / Unaffiliated Analysts Beat the Pros on Apple 1Q FY2011 / IDC: iPad Drives Tablet Growth Up 45-Percent Between 2QCY2010 and 3QCY2010 / Ovum Says Android Tablets to Eclipse iOS Tablets by One-Percentage Point in 2015 / iPodNN says iOS Appears to Have Retaken Mobile OS Lead from Android / Apple Insider Says Apple Beats Nokia in Mobile Phones by Revenue / Gruber Says No Retina Display for Second-Gen iPad / DigiTimes Has Unnamed Parts People Saying iPad 2 WILL Sport Super High Resolution Screen / Apple Issues Second beta of iOS 4.3 (And Nixes 4 and 5-Fingered Gestures for Final Release) / Latest iOS beta Indicates Auto-Lock Feature for iPad / More Hints at Social Services in Latest iOS beta / Apple Issues Software Updates for iDVD and Some Recent-Model MacBook Airs / AT&T Cell Plans Look Poised to Be More Restrictive (and Expensive) / Dell Announces Event on 8 February between 7 February Sptint Event and 9 February HPalm Event / HP Files for ‘HP Touchpad’ Trademark Protection / Starbucks Expands Pay-By-Phone Program / Systemgraph v. Papadimitriadis: Greek TragiComedy

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