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Mac OS Ken: 01.18.2011

Steve Jobs Announces Another Medical Leave of Absence from Apple / Apple Stock Drops in Germany in Wake of Jobs Leave Announcement / Fortune Takes a First Look at the Jobs Announcement and Apple / Munster and Abramsky Weigh-In on Jobs News / White and Wu Weigh-In Too (On Jobs Leave of Absence News) / 32 Financial Firms Say Samsung and Apple Big Holiday Winners in Cell Phones / Apple Insider: Verizon iPhone 4 Upgrade Eligibility Screen Turn Up on Apple Store EasyPay System / comScore Sees Tough Times for Android in Face of Verizon iPhone / Consumer Reports Beats Up on Verizon iPhone / Indications of White iPhone 4 Show Up in German Vodafone Inventory System / Disney Getting Branded Android Phone for Japan / Code Monkeys Find Hints of Upgraded Graphics Processor in iOS 4.3 beta / Engadget Hears Tell of Better Display and CDMA/GSM Hybrid Chip for iPad 2 / Apple Insider: Dummy SKUs for iPads Appearing in Best Buy Inventory System / Apple Stages Giveaway to Celebrate 10-Billionth iOS App Download / Boot Camp for Mac Drops Mention of All Windows Versions Except Windows 7 / Wikipedia Founder Blasts Closed Nature of iOS App Store / Nokia Mostly Killing Phone Subscription Music Service / Beatles Sell 5 Million Singles and 1 Million Albums Via iTunes

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