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Mac OS Ken: 01.04.2011

Apple Hits Market Cap of 300-Billion-Dollars / Munster Lays Odds on Various Apple Announcements in 2011 / Orange UK Reportedly Sees Slow Sales for Subsidized 3G iPads / Oppenheimer Analyst Ups Apple Target on Continued Belief in iPhone Subsidies / Fun with Numbers: Who’s on First and What’s on Second in Smartphones / iOS and Windows 7 See Decent Growth in December NetApplications Report / WSJ Says Google Kicking Around Idea of Digital Newsstand for Android with Publishers / NYT Blog Says iPhone Alarm Bug Rolls Into New Week for Some / Sony Testing New Extras on Films Purchased Through iTunes / Samsung Galaxy S Tops 10-Million Units Sold / Apple Authorized Reseller in Greece Sues Consumer for Posting Complaint Online

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