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Mac OS Ken: 01.03.2011

Mobile Review Editor Hears Word of USB Port for 2nd-Gen iPad / B2B Site Alibaba Takes Down Apparent 2nd-Gen iPad Case Pics After “Legitimate Request” / Caris and Company Analysts Sees iPad Holding Two-Thirds of Tablet Market Through 2011 / Circulation Numbers Indicate iPad Not Setting Digital Magazines on Fire / Bloomberg/BusinessWeek Source Says Verizon iPhone Announcement Could Come by 14 February / Verizon Trademark Services Secures Some Verizon iPhone Related Domains / Verizon Drops Price of Contract-Free Samsung Galaxy Tab by 100-Dollars / RIM Repudiates PlayBook Battery Problem Reports / Citibank Expects Apple to Take in $2B in Gross Revenue from Apps This Year / Apple and Other Tech Companies Sued for Allegedly Violating Patent Involving Double Clicking Things / Gleacher and Company Analyst Says iTunes Video One-Tenth of Netflix Video / Gleacher and Company Analyst Would Like to See Apple Buy Netflix / McAfee Says Apple, Social Media and Mobile Tech to Be Bigger CyberTargets in 2011 / Barnes and Noble Servers Buckle Under Christmas Day nook Demand / Publishers Marketplace Sees Signs of Trouble for Borders / Apple Greets New Year with Old iOS Alarm Issue

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