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Dec 29, 2022

- JP Morgan: iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max Supply Catching Up with Demand

- Foxconn Offers New Round of Bonuses for Zhengzhou Workers

- Cult of Mac: Now’s the “Sweet Spot” for iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max Orders

- Apple Japan Offers Special Edition “Year of the Rabbit” AirTag in New Year Promotion

- WhatsApp Ending Support...

Dec 27, 2022

- China’s COVID Crisis Could Hinder Apple Recovery in 2023

- Canalys: iPad Pulled Apple to Growth in India’s Computer Market in Q3

- Apple Temporarily Removes Option to Upgrade Home Architecture in iOS 16.2

- ITC Says Apple Watch Violates AliveCor Patents (But…)

- Apple Gets $98 Million Tax Bill from Japan


Dec 22, 2022

Mac OS Ken is done for the week, but there's still more to check out. Two shows ahead this week for The Checklist by SecureMac and a full slate for The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast both this week and next. 

Back with at least a couple of Mac OS Ken episodes next week as well.

Be well. And Happy...

Dec 21, 2022

- Rest of World: iPhone City Workers Working with COVID

- Nikkei: Apple Producing MacBook in Vietnam for First Time in 2023

- Apple Adds Recent Desktops to Self Service Repair Program

- Apple Offers Details on MLS Season Pass

- Rumor Has Apple TV App for Android Coming Soon

- Apple Urges Users to Native Weather Apps...

Dec 20, 2022

- Chatterjee Drops His Apple Target on Lack of iPhone Supply

- MacRumors Notes Improved Wait Times for iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max

- Wedbush Analyst Lists Two Apple Predictions for 2023

- Bloomberg: Local Politics and Farming May Hamper Expanded Manufacturing in India

- Apple Details Recent AirTag Firmware Updates

- Apple...