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Dec 31, 2018

- WSJ: How Apple Lost $9B (That It Didn’t Actually Lose)

- Motley Fool: Here's How That $9B Wasn't "Lost"

- Citi Research Cuts iPhone Unit Expectations

- Netflix Kills iTunes Billing for New Subscribers

- Apple May Still Have Plans for North Carolina Campus

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Dec 28, 2018

- Munster: Apple to See Stronger 2019 Than Other FAANGs

- Chinese Firms Praise Huawei and Punish Apple

- Qualcomm Suggests Detaining Apple Lawyers in China

- Report: Foxconn Mulls High-End iPhone Production to India

- Former Apple Marketing Exec Returns Bendy iPad Pro

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Dec 27, 2018

- CIRP: New iPhones Drawing More Switchers Than Years Past

- Apple Expands iPhone Trade-In Promo Reach

- Indian Official Signals Manufacturing Meeting with Apple Next Month

- Dan Riccio Email Downplays Curvature of Some iPad Pros

- Boxing Day Troll Sues Apple Over Wallet

- Apple Music Opening Offices and Event Space in...

Dec 21, 2018

- Qualcomm Wins Injunction Against Sales of Some iPhones in Germany

- Apple, Qorvo, and Intel Respond to German Injunction

- Apple Issues Update Version of iOS 12.1.2

- Needham Drops Apple Target from $260 to $200l; Likes the Lack of Unit Sales Data

- Munster: Siri on HomePod Got Smarter in 2018

- Apple Elevates Head of...

Dec 20, 2018

- Jefferies Drops Apple Target to $225 in “Largely Positive” Note

- MacRumors: iOS 12.1.2 Release Was About the Qualcomm China Injunction

- Jedi Master Apple Says, “You’re Not Worried About the Bend”

- Instagram Update Gets Hosed on iPhone XR and XS Max

- Apple to Allow Gifting of In App Purchases on App...