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A big iBeacons talk with Tim Perfitt of Twocanoes

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Mac OS Ken: 03.26.2014

Long time listeners of Mac OS Ken probably know what’s about to happen. Ken has this habit of thinking he can get everything done the day before traveling as if it were a normal day. It is - of course - not a normal day, and thus he does not get everything done. Take for example, today’s cavalcade of Apple news and news related to Apple news. That did not get done. There is much to look forward two, however. Mostly interviews with vendors, fellow podcasters, and other people with things to say from Mack world/eye World 2014. 

Apologies for today. We will see what tomorrow brings tomorrow. 

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Mac OS Ken: 03.25.2014

Primary iPhone 5c Supplier Sees 22% Earnings Bump

Chitika: Samsung Dominant in Android Web Usage in North America While iOS Dominant Overall

Wall Street Weighs In on Apple/Comcast Rumor

Google Photowall App Calls Developers to the TV

A VAT of Questions (or Questions of VATS)

NPR Lands on iTunes Radio

Cook Climbs to 17 on 2013 Glassdoor CEO Survey 

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Mac OS Ken: 03.24.2014

Macquarie Starts Coverage of Apple with Outperform Rating and $630 Price Target

CIRP: Slow Consumer Upgrade Cycles for iPads

Billboard Sources Say Apple Pondering Spotify-Type Music Service; iTunes App for Android

WSJ Sources Say Apple and Comcast in Early Talks for Web-Based TV Service

Virgin Mobile Drastically Reduces Cost of Current iPhones

President Obama Meets with Tech Titans on Privacy and Technology

Golden State Warriors Fans Meet iBeacons

Indiana Jones Archeology Exhibit Harnesses iBeacons

Placed: iBeacons Around the House

BlackBerry to Sell Off Most of Its Real Estate in Canada

BlackBerry Pursues Suit Against Seacrest-Backed Typo Keyboard

Mac OS X Kind of Turns 13

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China Mobile Execs Indicate About a Million iPhones Sold Last Month

Wall Street Neither Happy Nor Surprised with China Mobile Numbers

Apple Leaves Contested Tor Browser on App Store for Three-Months

Apple Pulls iOS Tor Browser After One Day of Bad Press

Apple Updates GarageBand

Apple Seeds New betas of Mavericks and iTunes to Developers

New Samsung Tablet Ad Takes on All Competition

Nielsen Sees High Awareness of Wearable Tech in General Public

First Apple Reseller Closing Doors After 73-Years in Business

Fortune Names Cook Among Top 50 Leaders in the World

Richard Branson Praises Tim Cook

Turkey Kills Citizen Access to Twitter

Report: Fincher Wants Bale for Jobs Bio Pic

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Morgan Stanley Analyst Sees iPhone Sales of 42-Million Units This Quarter

Piper Jaffray Analyst Concerned Over High Expectations for Apple

Wells Fargo Analyst Sees Revamped iPad 4 as Good Play Against Samsung

Apple Insider Looks at Memory, Addressable Memory and Smartphones

Hackers Hack EA Site; Go Phishing with Fake Apple Login Page

Rainbow PUSH Pushes for More Diversity in Silicon Valley Management

Brand Finance Pegs Apple as Most Valuable Brand in the States

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Mac OS Ken: 03.19.2014

Google Announces “Google Ware” Wearables Platform

Motorola and LG Announce Google Wear Watches

8GB iPhone 5c Not Coming to the States

Apple Issues Press Release on iPad 4 Improvements

Needham and Co: iPad Not Killing Mac in Education

BlueFin Research Sees Huge Upgrade Cycle for Bigger iPhone 6

Rumor: Microsoft to Announce Office for iPad on 27 March in San Francisco

WSJ Sources Say Amazon to Ship Video Streamer as Soon as April

Cook Calls New Book on Apple After Jobs “Nonsense”

Author Comments on Cook’s Comment

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Mac OS Ken: 03.18.2014

iPhone Hitting Serbia and Lebanon and New Carrier in Quebec

Umeng: iPhone 5c Dwarfed by iPhone 5s in China

Report: Apple to Release 8GB iPhone 5c

Engadget has Prices and Art on Alleged 8GB iPhone 5c

Update: Apple Adds 8GB iPhone 5c to European Stores

Analyst Thinks Larger iPhones Could Mean Larger Upgrade Cycle

Unicef Wants People to Put Down Their Phones for a Good Cause

9 to 5 Mac: Apple May Kill iPad 2 for Re-Introduced iPad 4 Today

Confirmed: Apple Kills iPad 2 for Resurrected iPad 4

Apple Seeds Second OS X 10.9.3 beat to Developers

Apple TV Gets ACC Sports Content

Apple Starts Charging for Online Chat Support

Apple Grounding Burstly SkyRocket

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Mac OS Ken: 03.17.2014

Don’t freak out. While there is probably Apple news and news related to Apple news today, there is no episode of Mac OS Ken. It was Ken’s birthday on Sunday, and he decided to take the day off. Since a Monday episode of Mac OS Ken means a Sunday full of writing and recording… and since he took Sunday off… you see where this is going. Look for a bonus size edition of Mac OS Ken on Tuesday. In the meantime, assume that Apple will have stayed afloat for a full 72 hours without a new podcast about it.

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Mac OS Ken: 03.14.2014

Analytics Firm: iPhone Owns 80% of High-End Smartphones in China

Report: Amazon May Hit with Budget-Minded Smartphone by End of Year

Fortune: Service Changes Timed Ahead of Ahrendts’ Arrival

Report Pours Water on Third-Party CarPlay Players

United to Offer Free In-Flight Entertainment for iThings

Apple Patent Outlines Super-Smart Pedometer for Smartwatch

Apple Adds Selfie-Centered Section to App Store

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