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Mac OS Ken: 09.30.2013

Research by BTIG Dispels Notion of iPhone 5c Glut

Bernstein Analyst Sees Heavier Front-End to Fiscal Year for Apple Due to First-Round iPhone Launch in China

Virgin Mobile USA Starting iPhone 5c/5s Sales 1 October

Staples Starts Sales of iPad Online in U.S. 

Apple Kept from Defending iOS Developers in Lodsys Suit

In Germany: Apple Bounceback Patent Ruled Invalid Thanks to Apple Demonstration of Bounceback Technology

Delta Chooses Microsoft Surface 2 for Cockpit

Gartner Suggests Its Enterprise Clients Using BlackBerry Stop That in the Next Six-Months

BlackBerry Takes Issue with Gartner Advice

Apple Hires Studio Director of Nike Innovation Kitchen

Apple Hiring for New Secret Project! It could be anything!

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Mac OS Ken: 09.27.2013

Morgan Stanley Expects 34.5M iPhones Sold This Quarter

KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Thinks 5s to 5c Ratio May be Closer to 1:1 than 3:1

iPhone Sales Revenue Dwarfs Sales of Intel, Microsoft, Cisco and More

Apple Fixes iOS 7 Lock Screen Bypass with v7.0.2 Update

Cook and Icahn to Meet Next Monday in NYC

Global Equities Analyst Wants Details on Talks Between Cook and Icahn

Apple Adds MLS and Disney Junior to Apple TV

Apple Adds iOS Activation Servers to System Status Page

Apple Loses Patent Case Over Original Click Wheel in Japan

Report: Apple and Staples to Expand Online Sales Partnership in U.S.

Bono Says Apple Has Brought $65 Million to (Product) RED

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Mac OS Ken: 09.26.2013

New iPhones Hitting North American Regional Carriers on 1 October

IDC Expects iPhone Share to Double in China in 2014

Apple Wins Right to Call an iPhone and iPhone in Brazil

Apple Announces New Round of Developer Tech Talks

Apple Under a Pile of Investigations in France

Sonny Dickson Shoots Alleged “Space Grey” Next-Gen iPad Casing

LA Schools iPad Initiative Halted by Student Initiative

Apple Opening New Stores in U.S. and Canada on 28 September 

Fortune: Mr. Munster and the iPhone Line

Business Insider: Munster Expects Apple Television Announcement This Year, Release Next Year

Cue Cues Up Internal iTunes Section for Apple Employees by Apple Employees

Samsung Announces GalaxyS4 Gold Edition. Seriously.

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Mac OS Ken: 09.25.2013

Apple Updates iMac Line

Apple Issues EFI Firmware Update for Brand New iMacs

Barrons: Financial Analysts Smile (Mostly) on Apple Post iPhone Blitz

$10,100 Gold iPhone eBay Sale Cancelled by Seller

iPhone 5s: Nothing Gold Can Stay in Stock at Carriers

iLounge: Apple Getting More Gold iPhones

Cult of Mac: Apple Pulls In-Store Pickup Option for iPhone 5s After One Day

iWork Brining Blue Screen of Death to Some iPhone 5ses

Fake iMessage for Android App Shows Up on Google Play

Fake iMessage for Android App Disappears from Google Play

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Mac OS Ken: 09.24.2013

Apple Announces Sales of 9-Million iPhone 5cs and 5ses in First Three Days of Availability

Apple Issues Surprise High-End Guidance in Wake of Record iPhone Sales

Analysts Surprised by iPhone Sales (Most Happily So)

Analysts Surprised: Part II (Some Still Sour)

Analytics Firm Localytics Says iPhone 5s Over Three Times More Popular Than iPhone 5c in First Three Days

16GB Gold iPhone Sells on eBay for $10,100

11-Million Listeners Tune In iTunes Radio; Pandora Takes a Hit

NYPD Urges Apple Users to Update to iOS 7

Apple Rereleases Apple TV 6.0 Update

Apple Mends Hearts Broken by “Breaking Bad” Season Pass

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Mac OS Ken: 09.23.2013

iPhone 5s Ship Times Pushed Into October

Report: Apple Ups Gold 5s Production by One-Third

iPhone 5s Gold Units Turn Up on Auction Sites

Secure Our Smartphones Initiative Gets Behind iOS 7 Activation Lock

Vulnerability Lets People Past Lockscreen in iOS 7

Exploit Lets People Make Calls from a Locked iPhone Running iOS 7

Minnesota Senator Al Franken Quizzes Apple Over Touch ID and Privacy Concerns

Report: German Group Uses Established Fake Finger Technique to Fool iPhone 5s Touch ID

Apple Releases Apple TV Update

Apple Pulls Update for Apple TV After Multiple Reports of Bricking Devices

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Mac OS Ken: 09.20.2013

Munster Expects iPhone 5c/5s Sales of 5-6 Million Units by Monday

BTIG Analyst Expects iPhone 5c/5s Sales of 6 Million Units by Monday

Morgan Stanley Analyst Expects iPhone Sales Up 28% 4QFY2013 Versus 4QFY2012

Ming-Chi Kuo Expects First Weekend Sales of 6-8 Million iPhone 5c/5s Units

Electronista: Lines and Stockouts in Far East and Australia

BTIG Analyst: Lines May Not Be Trustworthy Markers This Year

WSJ: Hong Kong Grey Market a Casualty of Day-One iPhone Launch in China

Target Matches Walmart 16GB iPhone 5c Price of $79

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Mac OS Ken: 09.19.2013

CNET: Some iOS Upgraders See Issues Moving to the Flatness

Apple Insider: Secret Source Says Apple Sees Server Issues in Wake of iOS 7 Release

Business Insider: Wifi on College Campuses Crushed by iOS 7

iOS 7.0.1 Ready and Waiting for iPhone 5c and 5s Owners

Apple Releases iTunes 11.1

Apple Tweaks iTunes Terms and Conditions

Apple Releases Xcode 5 to Developers

Apple Adds Section to App Store Highlighting iOS 7 Ready Apps

Apple Raises Cap on App Store Downloads Over Cellular Networks to 100MB

Apple Updates iBooks App; Keeps it Skeuomorphic

Amazon Updates Kindle for iOS 7

Barnes and Noble Warns of Potential Conflicts Between Nook App for iOS and iOS 7

Amazon Adds AirPlay Support to Instant Video App

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Mac OS Ken: 09.18.2013

Apple Issues Press Release Announcing New iPhones (Again)

All Things D: Sources Say iPhone 5s likely to be “Grotesquely unavailable”

In China: “S” is for Selling Out

Electronista: Plethora of Plans Make New iPhones “Free” in China

Fortune: Sold Out SIM-Free iPhone 5cs Likely Bound for Grey Markets Overseas

All Things D: Reviews Running Positive for New iPhones Gets the Full iOS 7 Treatment

Apple Makes Old Versions of Apps Available for Older iOS Devices

Apple Puts Out Call for 64-Bit Apps for iPhone 5s

Apple Seeds Eighth Beta of Mavericks to Developers

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Mac OS Ken: 09.17.2013

China Unicom Trumpets 100k Reservations for New iPhones

WSJ: China Telecom Raises Up Front Consumer Cost for Subsidized iPhone 5s

TMO: Ship Times for All SIM-Free 16GB iPhone 5cs Slip to 25 September

Investors Punish Apple Shares for Lack of iPhone 5c Sales Statement

Apple Shares Close Down Over 3-Percent on - Literally - No Hard News

Bernstein Analyst Tells Himself a Low-Cost iPhone Story (and Likes What He Hears)

New iPhone 5c Ad Harkens Back to iPod Ads of Old

TUAW: A Severed Finger Will Not Activate Touch ID on iPhone 5s

Google Buys Bump for Rumored $30 Million

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