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Mac OS Ken: 08.30.2013

A conversation today with Ari Weinstein about his app DeskConnect, and his trip from 13 year old hacker to startup veteran, MIT freshman, and featured app developer

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Mac OS Ken: 08.29.2013

Report: T-Mobile Blacks Out Employee Leave from 9/20 - 9/22

Bloomberg Said New iPads on September 10th Too (Then It Didn't)

Jim Dalrymple at The Loop - Nope

Bloomberg Says New Apple Store Planned for Tokyo in 2014

JailbreakNation Gets Stabby with an Alleged Gold iPhone 5S Casing

GameStop Bends Time, Offers to Buy Used iPhone 5S

Apple Seeks Senior Plastics Person for iPhone/iPad Materials Team

Report: Apple Buys Data Compression Firm AlgoTrim on the QT

Apple Confirms AlgoTrim Purchase to All Things D

Warn People Who Should Be Warned About the Dangers of iTunes Phishing

Android Product Management VP Hugo Barra Leaves for Job at Xiaomi

Xiaomi Welcomes Barra via Twitter

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Mac OS Ken: 08.28.2013

Good News/Bad News For Apple in Ebook Price Fixing Saga

Needham & Co. Analyst: Switcher Incentive May Be Over for Mac

Apple TV Gets More TV

iTunes Store Down for 20 Percent of Users Tuesday Morning

Virgin Mobile Holds Massive One-Day iPhone Sale (Yesterday)

Apple Streamlines Its Support Pages and Adds 24/7 Chat Support 

Apple Changes Policy: iThings for Citizens of iRan

Samsung Exec Confirms Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

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Mac OS Ken: 08.27.2013

Apple Retail Said to Be Prepping for iPhone Trade-In Program

TechCrunch Says Trade-In Program Already Piloting in Some Apple Retail Locations

Reports Say Traded iPhone Bound for Developing Markets

NPD DisplaySearch Says Apple and Samsung Drive Display Revenues Up 55% in 2013

NTT DoCoMo Shares Spike When CFO Simply Mentions iPhone

Sonny Dickson Posts Pics of Alleged Grey iPhone 5S

Alleged iPhone 5C Casing Hits eBay, Leaves with No Winner

Alleged iPhone 5C Casing Hits $13,600 on eBay Before Auctions Unceremonious End

Nuance Email Seems to Put iOS 7 Release on 10 September

Apple Insider: Next (and Possibly Last) Big Cat Imminent

Some Users Blocked from iWork in iCloud Beta Due to “Overwhelming Response”

Siri Pokes Fun at Google Glass

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Mac OS Ken: 08.26.2013

Clayton Morris Hears of Faster A7 and Dedicated Motion Sensor in iPhone 5S

Morgan Stanley Interns Into iPhones and Macs

FBI and DHS Warn of Dangers Associated with Android

Apple May Be Playing with App Store Algorithm

iWork for iCloud beta Opens to All

Apple’s Big Screen Mac Pro Teaser Hits YouTube

DoJ Goes Better and Worse on Suggested Apple Ebook Price Fixing Remedy

Damages Trail in Apple Ebook Price Fixing Case Set for May 2014

Apple and Samsung Can Keep Their Financial Secrets Secret

Samsung Denied ‘Bounce-Back’ Patent Retrial

Steve Ballmer to Retire as Microsoft CEO in Next 12 Months

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Mac OS Ken: 08.23.2013

iMessage and Some iCloud Services Fail for a Small Percentage of Users on Thursday

Find My iPhone Error Make App Developer Only

Former Hulu Exec Confirms New Position at Apple Apple Reportedly Talking to Studios About Apps for Television

Icahn Tweets of Buybacks and Dinner Plans with Tim Cook

Apple Adds to Maps Arsenal with Embark

Pandora Drops 40-Hour Limit on Free Mobile Listening Ahead of iTunes Radio

Apple Revamps Education Section of Website

Apple Releases Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.08

Delta Kitting 19,000 FLight Attendants with Windows Phones

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Mac OS Ken: 08.22.2013

Nikkei Report Puts Next iPhones Shipping on 20 September

UBS Ups Apple Price Target Based on iPhone 5C Potential in China

China Telecom Sees Massive 3G Subscriber Growth in First Year with iPhone

Alleged iPhone 5C Shell Very Scratch Resistant

HP Earnings Show Continued Decline for Traditional PCs

Iowa High School Opts for Apple Laptops

Apple Seeds Sixth Developer Preview of Mavericks to Developers

Report: Apple Hires New Head of West Coast Retail

WSJ Says Vevo Inks Deal for Apple TV

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Mac OS Ken: 08.21.2013

Morgan Stanley Analyst: Chinese Consumers Willing to Pay More Than Expected for iPhone 5C

Gazelle Survey: New iPhones Not Always Worth It (But People Want ‘em Anyway) 

IDC Says iPad Shipments Slip in China; Says Little About iPad

Munster Sees Mac Sales Slipping Five Percent

Apple Initiates Graphics Card Replacement Program for Certain iMacs

Apple Spruces Up Apps for iTunes Festival

Apple Issues Minor Update for Logic Pro X

Apple Issues Maintenance Update for iBooks

AdAge: Big Names Pay Big Bucks for iTunes Radio Ads

Google and Waze Cross-Pollenate 

Barnes & Noble Sticking with Nook Tablet Production

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Mac OS Ken: 08.20.2013

WSJ: Foxconn Shipping Two New iPhone in Bulk Next Month

All Things D Believes in the Gold-Colored iPhone

KGI Analyst: Next iPhones Go to China Mobile

KGI Analyst: iPhone 4S Will Stay - iPhones 4 and 5 Will Go

CIRP: Where Do Smartphone Customers Come From?

Apple Reignites Wearable Talk with Fitness Guru Hire 

Google Glass Apparently Delayed Until Next Year

Apple Changes Affiliate Program Administrator

Barnes & Noble Launches Nook Video Apps for iOS, Android and Roku

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Mac OS Ken: 08.19.2013

iPhone or iPad: Which is Right for Your Persona?

Forrester: Information Workers Wants Keyboards for Their Tablets

IDC Lowers Sales Expectations for Touchscreen Laptops

Apple Issues Minor iTunes Update

Apple Seeds Second Beta of iTunes 11.1 to Developers

Apple Apparently Upping iOS Developer Test Device Limit from 100 to 200

Apple Encourages Developers of Kids Apps to Designate Specific Age Ratings

Apple Hangs Socially Responsible Help Wanted Signs in China

MG Siegler Hears Apple and Television Rumors for 2013

Jobs Movie Reviews: Kutcher Hits, Script and Direction Miss

Two Early Apple Employees Comment on Jobs Movie (And One Actually Saw It!)

Woz Cannot Recommend Jobs Movie

Jobs Film in Seventh-Place in Opening Weekend Sales

Apple Running Mac Pro Teaser in Movie Theaters Across the States

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