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Mac OS Ken: 02.28.2013

Apple Insider: Votes Go as Expected at Apple Shareholders Meeting

Apple CEO: Share Price Drop is a Bummer But Apple is Focused on Great Products and Long Term

CNET: Cook Addresses Competition, Market Share and the Silly Lawsuit at Apple Shareholders Meeting

Fortune: Color and Clarification on Kass - or - Something Hinky This Way Comes: Part II

SEC Filing Shows Cricket May Miss Year-One iPhone Sales Commitment by 50%

13 MLB Teams to Accept iOS Passbook Mobile Tickets This Season

Samsung Reveals Wallet App (with More Than a Tip-o-the-Hat to Apple Passbook Design)

Apple Launches Movies in iCloud in a Number of European Countries

Court Upholds VirnetX Patent Violation Verdict Against Apple; Orders Apple to Start Paying $330,000 a Day Pending Agreement

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Mac OS Ken: 02.27.2013

Good Technology: iPad Trouncing Android Tablets in Big Business

Pentagon Goes “Platform Agnostic;” Plans to Add 100k iOS and Android Devices to Service in Next 12-Months

Doug Kass and Apple Shares: Something Hinky This Way Comes

Apple Adds Name to Supreme Court Arguments Against California Same-Sex Marriage Ban 

Apple Offers Settlement in In-App Purchases Lawsuit

Staples Starts Sales of Accessories for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac and Sales of Apple TV

Android Execs Dismisses Google Retail Talk

Apple Leaves Newton Trademark Unprotected

Cult of Mac: The Case of the Disappearing Script - or - Word That Will Not Soar Through iCloud

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Mac OS Ken: 02.26.2013

NPD Numbers Show iMac Sales Up 31% Y-o-Y in US in January

Needham and Company Analyst Cuts Apple Target to $710

Cult of Mac Says iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 Breaks Evasi0n Jailbreak

MacTech 2013 BootCamps to Feature Office for Mac Accredited Support Professional Program

Australian Federal Court Adds Second Judge to Apple/Samsung Case

Forbes Rumor Mongers Against Samsung in Favor of Apple

Samsung Sends Invitations to 14 March Press Event to Unveil Galaxy S4 in NYC

Samsung Folds Bada into Tizen with Multiple Tizen Phones Planned for 2013

Why the Android-Powered Samsung is Making Tizen-Powered Smartphones

LG Buys webOS from HP for Undisclosed Sum

Nokia Drops Nokia Name from Mapping and Navigation Suite; Rebrands Service as HERE

Dan Frommer: Why Can’t the Big iPhone and the Cheap iPhone Be the Same iPhone?

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Mac OS Ken: 02.25.2013

Greenlight Capital Wins Ruling in Proposal 2 Lawsuit Against Apple

Apple Formally Pulls Proposal 2 From Shareholder Meeting This Week

Fortune: IDC Says Samsung Barely Beat Apple in Smart Connected Devices in 4Q 2012

Morgan Stanley Analyst Believes in the Low-Cost iPhone

New York Post: Apple Working with NYPD to Track Down and Recover Stolen iThings

Apple Seeks Maps Ground Truth Data Specialist for Australia

Bloomberg: Hong Kong Telecoms Company Seeks Judicial Review of SIM-Locking iPhone 5

MacNN: SIM-Locked Cellphones Not Necessarily the Norm in Hong Kong

HP Announces Sub-$200 Android-Based Tablet - Slate7

Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 8 Tablet with Phone Capabilities (Though No Phone for the States)

Microsoft: Hey Guys! We Were Hacked Too!

Non-Existent Apple Campus Versus Non-Existent Nvidia Campus: Where Would Enderle Work?

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Mac OS Ken: 02.22.2013

CNBC Runs Idiot Story on Apple Shares Versus Google Share Complete with Idiot Analysis and Other NBC Sites Hacked to Deliver Malware Thursday

Computerworld: Fake Security Reports on Chinese Cyber-Espionage Used in Targeted Cyber Attacks

Apple Experiences Multiple Issues with Online Services on Thursday

MacNN: beta 2 of iOS 6.1.3 Deals with Passcode Lock-Screen Vulnerability

Judge Koh Orders Apple and Samsung to Slim Down Their Cases Ahead of 2014 Trial

Fortune: Foxconn Hiring Freeze is Apple’s Fault (In a Good Way)

Brazilian Organization Sues Apple Over Quick Upgrade Time Between 3rd-Gen and 4th-Gen iPads

Google Announces High-Price Chromebook Pixel to Be Launched This Year

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Mac OS Ken: 02.21.2013

FT Says Foxconn Halts Hiring Across China Due to Reduced Orders for iPhone 5

Foxconn Tells Bloomberg That Hiring Freeze Due to Higher Than Expected Worker Retention

UBS Analyst Says If Hiring Freeze at Foxconn is Bad Then It Was Likely Caused by HP Weakness, Not Apple

Apple Shares End Wednesday Down 2.4% on Foxconn Hiring Freeze Story

Strategy Analytics: iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S Each Beat Samsung Galaxy S III in Worldwide Sales Last Quarter

Investigators Think Apple/Facebook/Twitter Hackers Are Based in Eastern Europe, Not China

iPhoneDevSDK Owner Says Apple/Facebook Hack Likely Caused by Single Compromised Admin Account on Site

China Says It Is Soooo NOT Cyberattacking the U.S.

Fortune Says Staples Apple Selling to Be Limited in Locations and Inventory

Square Launches iPad-Centric Business in a Box Point of Sale System

Small Parts of Oscar-Nominated Documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” Shot with iPhone App 8mm

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Mac OS Ken: 02.20.2013

Apple Says It Was Hacked in a Limited, Non-Damaging Way; Ships Updated Fix for Java

Apple Releases Java for OS X 2013-001 1.0 to Address Vulnerability Exposed in Apple Hack

Apple Releases Java 10.6 Update 12 for Snow Leopard Machines

Cult of Mac Says Forums of iPhone Development Site Seem to Be Source of Apple Hack

Intego Finds New OS X-Based Malware Called Pint-Sized

Apple Issues iOS 6.1.2 Fixing Exchange Issue; Leaving Passcode and Lock Screen Vulnerabilities Unaddressed

Cult of Mac: Evasi0n Jailbreak Survives iOS 6.1.1 and 6.1.2

Apple Revs iTunes to v11.0.2 with Minor Update

iPad mini Listed as “In Stock” in Apple Online Stores in a Number of Countries

CNN/Money: An Argument Against the End of Innovation at Apple

Barclays Analyst: Apple’s Gotta Release a Low-Cost iPhone! They’ve Just Gotta!

NPD: Apple Takes 19.9% of U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales by Revenue in 2012

Apple Starts Sales of Apple TV in India

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Mac OS Ken: 02.19.2013

Flurry: China to Pass U.S. as Largest Market for iOS and Android Devices this Month

Morgan Stanley Says a $330 iPhone mini in China Could Grab Apple an Extra $2.4-Billion

Citigroup Analyst Thinks Lack of Innovation and More Tablet/PC Hybrids Will Hurt iPad in 2H2013

Apple Stops Mac Pro Sales in EU Ahead of New Safety Regulations

U.S. and E.U. Members Look at Closing Tax Shelters Used by Apple and Other Multinational Corporations

Forbes Brings Word of Yet Another iOS 6.1 Vulnerability

Apple Supplier LG Display Sinking Over $650-Million in Large OLED Display Production

Microsoft Raises Price on Office for Mac; Eliminates Multi-Mac Licenses

Colorado Apple Store Knocked Over for $64,000 Worth of Kit

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Mac OS Ken: 02.18.2013

Apple Insider: Mr. Munster Thinks It Is About Time for an Apple Media Event

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Seeks Engineering Manager for Apple TV

Executive Tweets Indicate Sale of Apple Products Heading to Staples in the States

Chitika: Web Use for Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 Nearly Equal for First Part of February

9 to 5 Mac: iOS 6.1 Allows Changes on Devices Set Up for “Don’t Allow Changes”

MacNN: Rumor Has iOS 6.1.2 Hitting with Exchange and Passcode Fixes This Week

Apple Appeals Ruling Over iPhone Trademark in Brazil

Posterous Pulling Plug on Web and Mobile Sites at End of April

Australian Government Agency Replacing 1,300 Nine-Year-Old iMac G4s with Acer Computers

Chicagoland School District Plans Implementation of Up to 7k iPads Next School Year

Apple Brings Late-2012 21.5-Inch iMac to Its Refurbished Store

9 to 5 Google: Secret Source Says Google Planning Standalone Google Retail Stores by End of Year

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Mac OS Ken: 02.15.2013

Report: Meteorite Explodes 30,000 Feet Above Urals in Russia; Causes Damage 

Apple Acknowledges Exchange Issue in iOS 6.1, Offers Temporary Fix Ahead of Next Update

iOS 6.1 Bug Found to Give Anyone Access to a Passcode-Protected iPhone

Apple Acknowledges iOS 6.1 Passcode Vulnerability and Promises Fix in Future Update

Apple Updates iMove for iOS to v1.4.1 with Minor Fixes

Apple Sends Eleventh beta of OS X 10.8.3 to Developers

Morgan Stanley Analyst Says Microsoft Could Be Leaving $2.5B on the Table By Not Making Office for iOS

Apple Blasts Einhorn Proposal in Response in Court

Apple Faces Second Shareholder Lawsuit Related to Preferred Stock

Kickstarter Launches Its Own App for iPhone and iPod touch

Apple Intros Shorter Lightning to USB Cable and Slightly Modified In-Ear Headphones

New Zealand Getting 6,000 iPhones and 3,900 iPads for Frontline Police Officers

LinkedIn Gives Its 3,500 Employees 32GB iPad minis

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