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Mac OS Ken: 01.29.2013

Ken gets the flu!

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Mac OS Ken: 01.25.2013

All Things D: Apple Shares Down 11-Percent on Fourth-Most-Profitable Quarter Posted by Any Company Ever

Financial Analysts Lower Apple Price-Targets; Still Bullish on the Cupertino-Company

Tim Cook Holds Post-Earnings Town Hall Meeting with Apple Employees

Apple Insider Notes Sharp Price-Drops for MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs at Big Authorized Resellers This Week

AT&T Activates Over Eight-and-a-Half-Million iPhones in 4QCY2012

Strategy Analytics Puts Apple in Second in Smartphones and Third in Cellphones Worldwide in 4QCY2012

IDC Gives Third-Place in Smartphones to Huawei, Not Nokia

Gartner: Samsung Takes Top Semiconductor Consumer Title from Apple in 2012

Apple Seeds Eighth beta of OS X 10.8.3 to Developers

Apple Issues Annual Supplier Responsibility Report

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Mac OS Ken: 01.24.2013

Apple Reports Record Quarterly Earnings; Record Sales for iPad and iPhones

Analysts Voice Tepid Support After Apple Numbers

Hear the Apple Earnings Call Online for Yourself at

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Mac OS Ken: 01.23.2013

Verizon Sold a Record 6.2 Million iPhones Last Quarter, Though Only Half Were iPhone 5

Apple-Tracking Financial Analysts Pleased with Verizon iPhone Sales Numbers

Apple Webcasting 1Q FY2013 Earnings Call Today at 2pm PST/5pm EST

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech: iPhone Takes 51.2% of US Smartphone Sales in Last Quarter of 2012

Survey: Majority of UK iPhone Owners Do Not Look Past Top 25 App Lists in App Store

Munster Reasserts His Belief in a Full-On Apple Television in 2013

Report: Apple Launching New Retail Initiatives in Indonesia

Microsoft Releasing Intel-Based Surface Pro on 9 February

Apple Launches Valentine Promotion in Online Store

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Mac OS Ken: 01.22.2013

Report: Production of 9.7-inch iPad Displays Slows to a Crawl at Sharp; No Drop at LG or Samsung

Report (Three Times Removed) Has Apple Working on a 4.8-inch Phablet to Be Released By June

iPad-mini Shortages Persist While Full-Sized iPad Supply is Plentiful

Barrons: Wells Fargo Analyst Sees Better Second-Half of 2013 in Store for Apple While UBS Analyst Looks to Apple’s “Next Big Thing”

UBS Analyst Lowers Apple Target from $700 to $650 Based on New CIRP Survey

Silicon Valley Execs - Including Apple CEO Cook - to Answer Questions in No-Poaching Court Case

Ashton Kutcher, Josh Gad and to Present on Macworld/iWorld Opening Day

Fred Armisen to Talk Apple Technology and Creativity at Macworld/iWorld 2013 on February 1

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Mac OS Ken: 01.18.2013

Intel Sees Quarterly Profit Fall 27% on Weak PC Demand

Apple Gets Early Release Window for 20 Heart Publication Magazines on Newsstand

Rolling Stone Hits the iOS App Store (for iPad Only)

Rewind: Rolling Stone Publisher Says it Could Be Decades Before He Bring His Titles to iOS (a Year-and-a-Half Ago)

Apple Gets Rights to Release the Last Three Episodes of “Downton Abbey” to Season Pass Holders Ahead of Broadcast

MacNN: Apple TV Goes on Sale in South Africa Today

Amazon Launches HTML Version of MP3 Store Aimed at iPhone and iPod touch

Apple Hiring New Writer for Siri (Update: Position No Longer Available)

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Mac OS Ken: 01.17.2013

Global Equities Analyst Sees iPhone Display Cuts as Sign Apple is Moving to IGZO Displays

Analysts from Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Others Continue AAPL Defense

Pacific Crest Analyst Cut AAPL to Sector Perform; Sees Market Saturation at High-End and Nothing Truly New on the Horizon

KGI Securities Analyst Expects All-Retina Display MacBook Pros and Retina Display iPad mini in 2013

Apple Launches Installment Payment Options for Consumers in China

Apple Launches Back-to-School Promotion in Australia and New Zealand

Apple Seeds Seventh Build of OS X 10.8.3 to Developers

Dutch Court Rules Against Apple in Design Patent Case Against Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Facebook Adds Free Call Feature to Messenger App for iOS

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Mac OS Ken: 01.16.2013

DisplaySearch Analyst Says Aggressive iPhone 5 Launch Likely Reason for Display Order Cuts

Shaw Wu Thinks “iPhone 5 Demand Remains Robust”

ChangeWave: 50% of Survey Respondents Plans to Buy an iPhone in the Next 90-Days; 71% of iOS Users “Very Satisfied”

ChangeWave: Intent to Buy a Samsung Smartphone Rises to 21% Among Survey Respondents

TechCrunch Makes a Mobius Strip of Analyst Notes

Analyst Numbers Indicate iPad Outsold Surface RT in December-Quarter by at Least 20-to-1

Judge in Apple v. Amazon “App Store v. Appstore” Case Orders Companies to Try for Settlement

Belgian Consumer Advocacy Group Goes After Apple Over Marketing of AppleCare

Russian Railway RZD Sues Apple for Alleged Trademark Infringement

VP of Apple Retail Jerry McDougal Resigns

Report: Approval Bottleneck at Intel Keeping Thunderbolt Devices Low

Cellular GPS Glitch Sends Cops and People Seeking Lost Phone to One Man’s Address for Two-Years Running

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Mac OS Ken: 01.15.2013

Business Insider: WSJ Story Was One-Month Old; Crushed Apple Shares Anyway

Barrons: Bulls Run Against WSJ Story

Apple Launching WiFi + Cellular 4th-Gen iPad and WiFi + Cellular iPad mini in China on Friday 18 January

Gartner Estimates Mac Sales Rose 5.4% in Holiday-Quarter 2012 Versus Holiday-Quarter 2011

TMO: The First Lightning-Compatible iThing Accessories Show Up at Apple Retail

Apple Insider: Third-Party Resellers Running Out of Thunderbolt Displays

Samsung Says Sales of Galaxy S Smartphones Now Over 100 Million Units

Samsung Shelves Plans for Windows RT Tablet (at Least for Now)

MacNN: Apple Lincoln Park Store in Chicago Opens on Monday Despite Having Car Crash Into It on Sunday

USDHS Computer Emergency Readiness Team Discourages Use of Java for Now, Even After Installing Java 7 Update 11

Bankruptcy Judge Approves Sale of Kodak Patents to Group of Companies Including Apple

The Presidential Inaugural Committee Launches iOS and Android Apps for Next Monday’s Ceremonies

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Mac OS Ken: 01.14.2013

Cook Tells China That China Will Be Top Apple Consumer at Some Point

Translation Trouble: Reuters Removes Schiller Story Dismissing Cheaper iPhone

Translation Take Two: Reuters Says What Schiller Is Said to Have Really Said

Forbes: Removal of First Reuters Story Practically Proves Development of Low-Cost iPhone

WSJ Says Apple Cuts iPhone 5 Display Orders

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Estimates 48.2-Million iPhones Sold in December-Quarter

Topeka Capital Analyst Expects Updated iPad and iPad mini in March

Apple Disables Java Plug-In Through OS X Anti-Malware System Due to Zero-Day Exploit

Oracle Updates Java to v.7 Update 11 to Address Zero-Day Exploit

Apple TV Gets Access to New Subscription Video Service in Germany

Apple Hires Xerox CFO as New Corporate Controller

Someone Accidentally Drives Lincoln Town Car into Chicago-Lincoln Park Apple Store

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