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Mac OS Ken: 10.26.2012

Fortune: Financial Analysts Weigh-In on Tuesday Apple Event

Barrons: Other Financial Analysts Weigh-In on Tuesday Apple Event Part I

Barrons: Other Financial Analysts Weigh-In on Tuesday Apple Event Part II

CNET: Yet Another Weighs-In on Tuesday Apple Event

TMO: Shaw Wu Thinks Apple Knows What It’s Doing with iPad mini Pricing

Daring Fireball: iPad mini Priced at “Gamble” Rather Than “Sure Thing”

Electronista: No GPS for Wifi-Only iPad mini

Apple Posts External Schematics of iPad mini and 4th-Gen iPad

A Couple of Analysts Comment on 4th-Gen iPad

KGI Analyst Thinks iPad mini Could Mean End of Development for iPod touch

Apple Starts Sales of Lightning to HDMI and Lightning to VGA Adapters

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor

CNNMoney: AT&T Activates 1.3 Million iPhone 5s in First Week of Availability

Vast Majority of Smartphones Activated by AT&T Last Quarter Were iPhones

Sprint Activates 1.5 Million iPhones Total in September Quarter

Apple Reports September-Quarter Record Sales for iPhone, iPad and Mac and Record September Quarter Revenue

Fortune: Wall Street Expected Higher EPS Than Apple Delivered

Apple Opening Remodeled Palo Alto Store on 27 October

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