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Mac OS Ken: 10.19.2012

Fortune: Pro and Indie Analysts Combined Expect iPhone Sales of 26.4 Million Units for 4QFY2012

Fortune: Pro Analysts Expects 17.6 Million iPads Sold for 4QFY2012; Indies Look for Sales of 19.23 Million

Verizon Sells Just 651,000 iPhone 5s Last Quarter Due to Supply Constraints, Not Demand

Verizon (and Perhaps Sprint) iPhone 5 Owners See Strange Time Shifts on Their New Phones

Apple Loses UK Appeal; Will Have to Run “Samsung Didn’t Copy iPad” Ads

Judge Koh Says Apple Cannot Seek Additional Damages in Samsung Case Without Revealing Info It Does Not Want to Appeal

Employment of Hacker Comex Ends When He Forgets to Respond to Extension Email

Apple Retail Chief Browett Shows Off Wangfujing Store; Confirms Store Being Built in Shenzhen

Shaw Wu: Microsoft Surface Pricing Could Be “Fatal Mistake”

Newsweek Killing Print; Going All-Digital at Start of 2013

CNET: Some Extreme Orthodox Christians in Russia See Apple Logo as Blasphemous

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