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Mac OS Ken: 10.10.2012

Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu: Concerns Over Apple Are Overdone

Munster Sees Increased Ownership of iPhones and iPads Among U.S. Teens

Apple Starts Shipping Pre-Ordered Lighting-to-30 Pin Adaptors

Apple Starts Shipping Pre-Ordered iPod touches and iPod nanos

NPD DisplaySearch Analyst Says 13-Inch MBP with Retina Display Still on the Way

Apple Wins Additional Slide-to-Unlock Patent

EC Says Ebook Settlement with Apple and Four Publishers Could be Finalized in the Next Couple of Months

Patent Troll Lodsys Keeps Trollin’ Along

Cult of Mac: Chinese Firm Clones Working Knock-Off Lightning Connector

Taiwan Asks Apple to Please Obscure a Radar Installation in Satellite Images in iOS 6

Non-Functional Apple 1 Fails to Meet Reserve Price at Christie’s Auction

iLounge: UK-Site The Daily Brick Has Plans and Pieces for Building an iPhone 5 Dock Out of Lego

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