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Mac OS Ken: 10.09.2012

Barrons: Analysts High on iPhone 5 Despite Low Supply in U.S.

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst: iPhone 5 Sold Out in Hong Kong; Mainland China Seems to Be Prepping for iPhone 5 in December

Developers Spot - What Appears to Be - a New iPhone 4 in the Wings

Topeka Capital Analyst: iPad mini May Trump iPad in Terms of Design and May Start Off in Short Supply

Apple Insider: Mac mini Supply Drying Up Ahead of a Possible Refresh

Fortune Examines One Possible Reason for Apple’s $50 Drop Over the Past 15 Days

CNET: Rumors of a 10-inch, High-End, Cobranded Tablet from Google and Samsung

Apple and Other Tech Giants Band with W3C to Launch “Web Platform” Website

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