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Mac OS Ken: 10.02.2012

Fortune: Secret Someone Says Invitations for iPad mini Event to Go Out on 10 October

Apple Announces 4Q FY2012 Earnings Call for Thursday 25 October

Microsoft Reportedly Building News Organization for Retooled MSN Portal

Topeka Capital Analyst: October has Been “Rocktober” for Apple Share for Eight of the Last Nine Years

9 to 5 Mac: Some AT&T Customers Seeing Same Cellular Drain When Connected to Wifi Seen By Some Verizon Customers

Gizmodo: Alleged Apple Support Email Says Purple Halo or Lens Flare in iPhone 5 Are Normal for iPhone 5

Needham and Company Analysts Gives Up on a Cheap iPhone for Pay-as-You-Go Consumers

Judge Koh Dissolves Ban Against Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Suing Apple Over Alleged Patent Infringement in iPhone 5

Hospitality Software Maker Ameranth Sues Apple Over Alleged Patent Infringement in Passbook

EU Justice Commissioner Calls on Member Nations to Investigate AppleCare Advertising

Apple Issues Stability Update for iPhoto

Apple Giving Corporate Workers Entire Week of Thanksgiving Off with Pay; Time Off for Retail Available Later

Apple Pulls the Plug on the Ping

Apple App/Service Chomp Bites the Dust

Former MobileMe Users See Surprise 20-Gigabytes of Storage Added to iCloud Account Through 2050 (Probably a Short Lived Error)

19th Annual Mac Computer Expo Set for This Saturday 6 October in Petaluma, CA

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