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Mac OS Ken: 10.01.2012

Tim Cook Apologies for the Mapocalypse

Apple Launches Small Section of Third-Party Map Alternatives in App Store

Apple Softens Website Wording Describing Maps in iOS 6

Forbes: Pleasure and Displeasure with the Apple Maps Apology

Computerworld: Pleasure and Displeasure with the Apple Maps Apology

Munster Stands By 49-Million iPhone Sales Estimate for December Quarter

Apple Loses $10 Billion in Market Value on Day of Mapology

Forbes: Does Apple Have a Scott Forstall Problem? (Maybe, But It Does Not Matter)

Consumer Reports Revises iOS 6 Maps ReviewSaying It Is Better Than They Thought

iOS 6: For Some, Update Leads to Weeks Without Wifi Access

Apple Issues Fix for Verizon iPhone 5s That Tick Down Cellular Data While on Wifi

US Appeals Court Hands Jurisdiction Over Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction Back to Judge Koh

Apple Says 97% of Monitored Supply Chain Workers Not Working an Excessive Number of Hours

Apple Updates Aperture to v3.4.1 with Minor Bug and Stability Fixes

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