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Mac OS Ken: 08.31.2012

Oracle Pushes Emergency Update for Java 7 Fixing Zero-Day Exploits

Korean Times: Samsung Has a Good Plan, a Bad Plan and a Surprising Plan in Wake of Last Week’s Verdict

Reuters: Secret Peeps Say Apple CEO and Google CEO Holding Behind-the-Scenes IP Discussions

DisplaySearch: Use of In-Cell Display Panel Could Give Next iPhone Significantly More Battery Space

App That Tracks U.S. Military Drone Strikes Rejected by Apple Three Times

Amazon: Questionable Claim of “Sold Out” Kindle Fires and 22% of the Tablet Market

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Mac OS Ken: 08.30.2012

Macworld: Second Zero-Day Vulnerability Found in Java 7

Polish Security Firm: Oracle Has Known About Java 7 Exploits Since April (Because We Told Oracle About Them)

Possible New iPhone Hint: Apple is Buying iPhone 4S Off of Customers

Apple Seeds Second beta of OS X 10.8.2 to Developers

Apple Adds Live Shopping and Service Help to Online Stores in Brazil, Germany, Spain and the UK

Samsung Shows Off ATIV S, the First Windows 8 Phone

HTC Chairperson: Samsung Loss No Reasons for HTC to Settle with Apple

Asus Says It Will Use iPad Pricing as Reference for Windows 8 and Windows RT Devices

Bloomberg: Both Apple and Qualcomm Tried to Be TSMC’s One-and-Only Customer

Delta Airlines Drops 250 iPads in Three Restaurants in Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport; Plans to Deploy 2,500 iPads by End of 2013

Principle Photography Wraps on Ashton Kutcher/Steve Jobs Biopic

Non-Functioning Apple 1 Going Up for Auction at Christie’s in October

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Mac OS Ken: 08.29.2012

WSJ: Secret Sources Say Samsung Talking Carriers About Removing Potentially Infringing Apple Technology from Its Smartphones

Samsung Smartphone Ban Hearing Moved to 6 December; 20 September Hearing to Focus on Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction

Marketwatch: Samsung Smartphones Flood Resale Market Post San Jose Ruling

Apple and Motorola Mobility Settle Patent Violation/FRAND-Licensing Case in Germany

IHS iSuppli: Smartphones to Make Up 54% of Cellphones Sold Annually by Next Year

The Telegraph: Apple Working with Hifi-makers on “AirPlay Direct”

NPD Group: Genius Bar Increases Customer Satisfaction with Apple Products and Makes Them More Likely to Buy More Apple Stuff

Gizmodo Snags a Copy of the Apple Genius Training Manual

IFO Apple Store: Sources Say Apple Not Reversing Retail Changes; New Focus on Individual Sales Numbers at Direction of Tim Cook

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Mac OS Ken: 08.28.2012

Cross-Platform Zero-Day Vulnerability Found for Java 7; Affects Windows, Linus and OS X

Samsung Bashes Apple for Litigiousness Post Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Verdict

Google Issues Statement Defending Itself, Bashing Apple and Leaving Samsung Hanging Out to Dry

Samsung Seeks to Have Galaxy Tab 10.1 Temporary Injunction Dissolved; May Seek Damages Due to Sales Block

Apple Seeks Ban on Eight Samsung Phones Based on San Jose Court Win

Samsung Sees Biggest One-Day Share-Price Drop in Five Years Post San Jose Verdict

Apple Shares Opened Monday 2-Percentage Points Higher Post Verdict

Apple Share Close Monday at $675.68, a New All-Time High

Nokia and RIM See Share Price Bump Monday Thanks to Investor Worries Over Android

Fortune: Financial Analysts React to Apple Victory Over Samsung in San Jose

Correction: USITC Clears Apple of Violating Three Motorola Mobility Patents, Not Two

Cult of Mac: Wait Time for Retina Display MacBook Pro Down to 2-4 Business Days

NPD Display Search Analyst Says Displays Being Made for 13-Inch Retina Display MacBook Pro

Apple Seeds Fourth beta of Lion OS X 10.7.5 to Developers

Bob Mansfield Staying on at Apple to “Work on Future Products;” Riccio and Federighi Promoted to Senior VPs

Apple Drops iTunes Music Festival Tile Onto Apple TV for Live Streaming

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Mac OS Ken: 08.27.2012

Jury in Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Finds in Apple’s Favor; Awards Damages of $1.049 Billion

Samsung Issues Response/Rebuke Statement Post-Verdict

Tim Cook: Suit Against Samsung Was About Values

Apple’s Official Statement Mirror’s Cook Memo

Apple Seeks Preliminary Injunction Barring Sale of Patent-Infringing Samsung Products

Wired: Effects of the Apple Over Samsung Victory Long-Term

USITC Clears Apple of Two Counts of Patent Infringement Against Motorola Mobility and Asks Judge to Reconsider a Third

All Things D: Secret Sources Say Two Separate Events for iPhone and iPad mini This Fall

RadioShack Knocks $75 Off of Every Model of iPhone 4S with 2-year Contract Sells Back Plates for 4/4S Thought to Look Like Back Plates of Next iPhone

Apple Sends Ceases and Desist Notice to

Pacific Crest Analyst Meets with Apple CFO and Services Exec; Expects No Full-On Apple TV Soon

IDC Expects Only 0.9% PC Unit Growth Worldwide in 2012

Friday 24 August Marked One-Year for Tim Cook as Apple CEO

Creative Director Behind “Get a Mac” and “Genius” Campaigns Leaves Apple’s Firm for Samsung’s

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Mac OS Ken: 08.24.2012

Apple Releases OS X 10.8.1 with General Stability Fixes

Apple Seeds First beta of OS X 10.8.2 to Developers

Gruber Expects Two Apple Fall Events, One for New iPhone and One for iPad mini

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple Backs Gruber’s “Two Fall Event” Assertion

Walmart Drips Price of 16GB iPhone 4S to $148 with a New Two-Year Contract

Amazon Holding Press Event on 6 September in Santa Monica, California Likely Tied to New Kindles

DoJ Responds to Apple Complaint Against eBook Settlements with Publishers

Apple v. Samsung: Both Companies Found Guilty of Patent Infringement in South Korean Case

Mattel “Apptivity” Games Tie Physical Toys to iPads

Laurene Powell Jobs Number 49 on Forbes List of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World 

Fortune: Apple Worth 31 Dells

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Mac OS Ken: 08.23.2012

Needham and Co. Analyst Ups Apple Target from $620 to $750

Piper Jaffray Survey: Half of U.S. Consumers Don’t Feel the Need for 4G/LTE Connectivity; Plan to Get the Next iPhone

AT&T on FaceTime Over 3G: Because We Don’t Have to

Forbes: Five Reasons Why Google Android versus Apple iOS Market Share Numbers Don't Matter

China Telecom Adds 8.35 Million New Subscribers in June Quarter; Credits iPhone 4S for Growth

Electronista: 27-Inch iMac Supply Dries Up Ahead of Possible Refresh

AppleSeed Participants Reportedly Given Heads-Up on Approach of OS X 10.8.2 beta

Apple Pulls “Genius” Olympic Ads from and YouTube

Apple Wins Patent Covering "Techniques and Systems for Supporting Podcasting"

The Makers of Infinity Blade Bring the Free Political Fighting Game Vote!!! to the App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 08.22.2012

Apple and Samsung Make Closing Arguments; Case Goes to the Jury

Samsung Investing $4 Billion to Upgrade Austin, TX Plant That Makes Chips for Smartphones (Including iPhone)

TechCrunch: Secret Source Says Verizon Block-Out Staff Vacation from 21 September Through 30 September

Electronista: German Carrier Sends Out Email Promoting Arrival of Next iPhone in September

TUAW: Consumer Advocacy Group Not Sure AT&T FaceTime Lure to Mobile Share Data Plans Conforms to FCC Rules

comScore: Android Has Two-Thirds of Smartphone Market in Japan; iOS Has One-Third

MacNN: Anonymous Developers Says Current OS X 10.8.1 beta Improves Battery Life for Mountain Lion Laptops

Fair Labor Association Says While Work Remains, Progress Made by Apple and Foxconn on Workers’ Rights is Commendable

Barclays Analyst Sees Set-Top Box More Likely Than Full-On Apple Television Near-Term

Microsoft Adds Touch Support to Office Wb Apps for Windows 8 and iOS

The Three Amigos Ride Again on the 17 August MacCast

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Mac OS Ken: 08.21.2012

CEOs of Apple and Samsung Meet; Fail to Reach Resolution

CNET: Judge Koh Concerned Over Potential Jury Confusion in Verdict Phase

FBR Capital Analyst Sees Apple Selling 250 Million “iPhone 5s” Over Product Lifecycle

iPodNN: A Number of Resellers Running Out of iPod nanos

9 to 5 Mac: German Rewards Program Unable to Deliver “Old” iPod nano Ahead of Expected Refresh

Walmart Sells $100 in iTunes Credit for $80 (Plus Your Email and Physical Addresses)

The Loop: Apple Boasts 50,000 Genius Bar Appointments a Day

Former Apple Press Event Producer Sues for Wrongful Termination and Compensation for Restricted Stock Loss

Fortune: A Few Analysts Are Now “Underwater” on Their Apple Targets

Apple Ends Monday as Most Valuable Public Company Ever

Fortune: Microsoft is Actually the Most Valuable Public Company Ever (Circa 1999 (Accounting for Inflation))

TechCrunch: No Really IBM is the Most Valuable Public Company Ever (Circa 1967 (Accounting for Inflation))

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Mac OS Ken: 08.20.2012

Apple and Samsung Unable to Narrow Their Case Further; Almost Definitely Headed to Jury Verdict

Google-Owned Motorola Mobility Brings Seven Charges of Patent Infringement Against Apple Before the USITC

WSJ: Apple Joins Google, Samsung, LG and Others in Bidding for Kodak Patent Portfolio

iPhone Developer/Hacker Reveals SMS Vulnerability in Every Version of iOS

Apple Suggests Using iMessage and Being Careful in Face of SMS Vulnerability

AT&T to Make FaceTime Over Cellular Free for Customers Who Switch to New Mobile Share Data Plans

MacNN: Apple Seeds Second beta Build of OS X 10.8.1 to Developers

Lenovo Exec Says Surface for Windows RT to Start Between $300 to $500

Speculative-Fiction Writer Peter Misek Says Production on iPad-mini and Full-On Apple Television is Underway

Nokia and Microsoft to Hold NYC Press Event on Morning of 5 September

Motorola to Hold NYC Press Event on Afternoon of 5 September

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