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Mac OS Ken: 02.29.2012

Apple Invites Select Members of Press to (More Than) Likely iPad 3 Event on Wednesday 7 March

CNBC Botches Apple Event Prediction

CNBC Gives Dalrymple Hat Tip for Getting It Right Where They Got It Wrong

CNET: No Physical Home Button Pictured in Invitation Art for Next Week’s Event

Alleged Photo of iPad 3 Shell Indicates Ever-So-Slightly-Thicker Device

Engadget: Radio Shack Discounts iPad 2 by 20 to 50-Dollars

TUAW: Invitations to Next Week’s Apple Event Hit During Google Chairman’s Speech at Mobile World Congress

9 to 5 Mac Expects New Apple TV Along with New iPad Next Week

iOS Location Loophole Could Give Apps Access to Photo Library Without Asking Permission

ATF Ditching BlackBerry for iThings and Other Things

Samsung Exec: “Honestly, we’re not doing very well in the tablet market.”

WALL-E Director Dedicates Upcoming Disney Sci-Fi Pic “John Carter” to Steve Jobs

Atari Holds Developer Contest to Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Pong

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Mac OS Ken: 02.28.2012

Report: Best Buy Deleting Some iPad 2 Models from Inventory Systems

Apple Insider: Rumor Has iPad 3 Priced 80-Dollars Higher than iPad 2

Barclays Analysts Ups Apple Target from 545-Dollars to 590 Thanks to Addition of China Telecom for iPhone

IDC: High iPhone Subsidies Locking Device Out of Some Markets

Sprint on the Hook for 15.5-Billion-Dollars Worth of iPhones Over the Next Four Years

Apple Encourages Developers to Certify Apps Through Developer ID Program

Apple Releases WiFi Update for Late 2009 and Later iMacs Running Lion

Bloomberg: No One Follows Apple Down Road to Expanded Supply Chain Inspection

German Judge Says Motorola Mobility Cannot Black Sale of iThings as Patent Fight Continues

Proview Adds Fraud Claims to iPad Trademark Case Against Apple in the States

AT&T Appealing 850-Dollar Data-Throttling Decision

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Mac OS Ken: 02.27.2012

Electronista: UPS Manifest Seems to Show Some Sort of New Apple Product Shipping to the States by Next Friday

Best Buy Offers 50-Dollar Discount on iPad 2

TUAW: Apple Kills Push Email in Germany After Patent Suit Loss Against Motorola

Bloomberg: Apple Buys Chomp (Confirmed) for 50-Million Dollars (Unconfirmed)

Adobe Photoshop Touch iPad App Goes Live in the App Store for 10-Dollars

GigaOm: Intucell Technology Gives AT&T “Living” Data Networks

iPhone Owners Wins 850-Dollars in Small Claims Court After AT&T Throttles Data at 1.5GB on an Unlimited Plan

The Guitar Collection: George Harrison - Virtual iPad Tour of the Quiet One’s Guitars in App Store for 10-Dollars

NYPD Busts Store Full of Counterfeit iPhones, iPads, and iPods on W 28th

Authorities in China Confiscate 681 Fake iPhone Personal Gas Stoves

Plastic Surgeon Heralds Arrival of “FaceTime Facelifts”

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Mac OS Ken: 02.24.2012

Apple (Sort of) Addresses Cash Pile, Promises Mind Blowing Products at 2012 Shareholders’ Meeting

Mobile-PCs for a Post-PC World: NPD Says Apple’s No. 1 Worldwide If You Combine iPads and Notebooks; Number Five in Notebooks Alone

Barclays Lowers Amazon Kindle Fire Sales Expectations for CY2012

CNET: Sources Say Google Music Missing Early User and Revenue Expectations

With No iPhone, T-Mobile USA Loses 706-Thousand Customers in 4Q CY2011

Proview v. Apple: Chinese Judge Allows iPad Sales to COntinue in Shanghai

Proview v. Apple: Monitor-Maker Brings Its Case to the States

Apple Releases EFI Firmware Updates for MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iMacs and Mac minis Made in 2011

Reports: Apple Buys App Search-Service Provider Chomp

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Mac OS Ken: 02.23.2012

Hong Kong-Based NGO Says Foxconn is Pulling the Wool Over FLA’s Eyes

Former Wintek Employees Call on Apple Customers to Sign Petition for Worker Rights for Apple Supply Chain

NYT: Apple and Proview Face Off in Chinese Court, Receive No Ruling from Court

Barclays Analyst Pumped for Second iPhone Carrier in China and the Approach of Mountain Lion

iPodNN: Japan Gets Access to iTunes in the Cloud; iTunes Match Still Missing

MacNN: iTunes Match for iTunes Japan Should Hit in Second-Half of 2012; Other iTunes Features Added This Week

Apple Sells Beatles Ringtones Through iTunes on iThings

Apple to Open Amsterdam Store at 10am on Saturday 3 March

TUAW: Apple Encouraging MobileMe Users to Make the Migration to iCloud Ahead of June Deadline

California AG: Major App Store Operators to Require Privacy Policies for Personal-Data-Skimming Apps

Business Insider: CA AG Solution Good for the One-Percent Losing Sleep Over AddressBookGate

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Mac OS Ken: 02.22.2012

NPD and Piper Jaffray Look at Current-Quarter Mac Sales

Apple Pushes Sandboxing Deadline for Mac App Store Apps to 1 June

Report: Apple to Allow Independent Environmental Reviews of Some Factories in the Supply Chain in China

Apple’s Facilities Report - Environmental update 2012 Outlines Plans for Renewable Energy at NC Data Center

Apple Confirms Plans for Pineville, Oregon Data Center

The Daily: Microsoft Office for iPad Close to App Store Submission (and They Say They’ve Seen it)

Microsoft Says Pictures in The Daily Are Not of an Actual Microsoft Product

Microsoft Office for Mac Exec Says Office for iPad Would Be News to Her

The Daily Stands By Its Office for iPad Story

Official Microsoft News Twitter Account Kind of Argues Against The Daily Story Sort of

Barnes and Noble Intros 8GB Nook Tablet at 199-Dollars to Fight Amazon Kindle Fire

iPulpit: For the 21st Century Religious Leader

Check out the iPulpit at (Flash Required (???))

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Mac OS Ken: 02.21.2012

China Telecom to Start Sales of iPhone 4S on 9 March

Oppenheimer And Company Raises Apple 12-Month Price-Target to 570-Dollars on iPhone and iPad Strength

FLA CEO Says Organization Has Uncovered “Tons of Issues” at Foxconn Plant in Shenzhen

ABC’s Nightline to Feature a Look Inside Foxconn Tonight

Foxconn Raises Salaries for Factory Workers in China by 16-25%

WSJ: Google Sneaks Past Default Privacy Setting on Safari to Leave Cookies

Microsoft Says Google Cheating Privacy Setting on IE9

Members of Congressional Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus Ask FTC for Information on Google/Safari Issue

Apple Wins Ruling Against Motorola Mobility in Germany for Violating Slide-to-Unlock Patent on Android-Based Smartphones

ITC Says Apple Does Not Violate HTC Patents Covering Power Management and Phone Number Directories

Apple Settles AntennaGate Suits in the States

Text in Code Makes Messages Look Like a Mountain Lion-Only Feature After beta

Apple Launches Contest Counting Up to 25-Billion Apps

Apple Launches “Start Developing iOS Apps Today” App Development Overview

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Mac OS Ken: 02.17.2012

Apple Announces OS X Mountain Lion Release for Late Summer 2012; Releases Developer Preview

Wired Says Apple Will Do One Big OS X Update a Year from Now On

Apple Makes Messages App for Mac Available as a Public beta

Apple Posts Teaser Video of Mountain Lion OS

NYT Looks at iCloud Integration of iOS and OS X Devices

Reports Say Some Early Intel-Based Macs Won’t Make the Jump to Mountain Lion

Apple Releases betas of Safari 5.2 and Xcode 4.4 to Developers

Apple Updates Xcode to Version 4.3

WSJ Interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook Makes ARM-Based Mac Seem Possible (Not Necessarily Probable)

All Things D Posts Papers Online That Seem to Show Apple Buying “iPad” Term from Proview

Hong Kong Court Ruled in Apple’s Favor on Proview/iPad Case Last July

Apple Adds Screenshots and Promo Codes for iBookstore Publishers

SumOfUs Upset Over FLA President’s Comments Commending Foxconn and Apple

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Mac OS Ken: 02.16.2012

Twitter Says Its iOS App Uploads User Address Book Info if They Use the “Find Friends” Feature; Stores Info for Up to 18-Months

Congress Seeks Answers Around “Address Book-gate” as Apple Promises Fix in Future iOS Update

Reports: Apple Has Amazon China Pull iPad from Its Site

Authorities Tell Proview Execs That an iPad Export Ban is Unlikely

Apple Seeks Permission from Bankruptcy Judge to Sue Kodak

FLA President Pleasantly Surprised by First Look Inside Foxconn Factory

AdAge: Apple Drops iAd Commitment to 100-Thousand-Dollars

Gartner Says iPhone Sales to Decline This Quarter Versus Last Quarter (and the Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow)

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Mac OS Ken: 02.15.2012

WSJ: Apple Is Testing 8-Inch Tablet Screens

Fortune: No Reason to Expect 8-Inch iPad

Daring Fireball: No Reason to Expect an 8-Inch iPad

NYT: Confiscation of iPads in China Escalates as Proview Complaints Increase

Bloomberg/BusinessWeek: Proview Seeks to Block Export of iPad from China as Trademark Complaints Continue

Apple Sees Significant Delays in Time Capsule Shipping

Bloomberg/BusinessWeek: Pegatron Says It Hasn’t Heard Anything About Inspections of Working Conditions at Factories

JP Morgan Analyst: First Round of PC-Based Ultrabooks Not Likely to Meet With Success Enjoyed by MacBook Air

Barclays Capital Analyst Sees Six Potential Catalysts for Apple Shares

Jeffries and Company Analyst Says Apple Will Start Paying Dividend in Second-Half of 2012

Tim Cook Talks iPhones, Cash, Workers Rights and More at Goldman Sachs Conference

Hear the Tim Cook Presentation at Goldman Sachs Conference at

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