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Mac OS Ken: 09.30.2011

China Unicom Exec Says Next iPhone to Support HSPA+ / T-Mobile Files “Friend of the Court” Brief Supporting Samsung Against Apple-Requested Product Ban / Apple Exec Says Steve Jobs Tried Talking to Samsung Before the Explosion of Lawsuits / Shanghai Police Bust Counterfeit iPhone Operation / Report: Brazilian Foxconn iPad Plant May Be in Jeopardy / JP Morgan Analyst Not Sure Kindle Fire Can Lock Up Second in the Tablet Space / TUAW: Amazon Uses Terms Used by Apple for a Couple of Its New Offerings / UK Retailer Carphone Warehouse Giving Away PlayBook Tablet with Purchase of BlackBerry Phone / RIM Denies Reports That It Is Killing the PlayBook / CNET: Psystar Loses Appeal in Mac Clone Case / Lego Launches iOS App/Physical Toy Combo for Kids in U.S. / Disney Launches iOS App/Physical Toy Combo / iTunes Store Opens to 12 News European Countries; Now Covers Entire EU

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Mac OS Ken: 09.29.2011

Amazon Announces the 199-Dollar Kindle Fire / Amazon VP Coyly Keeps Mum About Larger Successor to 7-Inch Kindle Fire / Amazon Introduces Silk Browser Technology for Kindle Fire / Barnes and Noble Drops Price of nook color in Wake of Kindle Fire Announcement (Still Priced Higher) / Piper Jaffray Analyst Says Kindle Fire Could Hurt Sales at Best Buy / Best Buy Hiring Half as Many Temporary Holiday Workers as it Did Lasy Year / Forbes: Kindle Fire an All Out Assault on Apple / Forbes: Kindle Fire No Threat to iPad (Yes the Same Forbes) / Piper Jaffray’s Munster: Kindle Fire Impressive But Not an iPad Yet / Piper Jaffray's Keith: Survey Shows Interest in Fire Versus iPad / Ticonderoga Analyst: iPad and Fire Competing for Different Buyers / Computerworld: TBR and Gartner Analysts See Little Worry in the Fire for iPad / Jefferies and Co Analyst Hears (Questionable) Talk of January 2012 Launch for iPad 3 / Apple Insider: Talk of Multiple iPhones Cooling in Wake of Event Invitation / 9 to 5 Mac: Secret Source Says New iPod touch and iPhone SKUs Show Up in Apple Retail Inventory System

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Mac OS Ken: 09.28.2011

Sell Your Gadgets to Buy New Gizmos with Mac OS Ken Sponsor! / Apple Invites Press to 4 October Event on Cupertino-Campus to Talk iPhone / Piper Jaffray Analyst Sees Voice Recognition Features a Big in iOS 5 / UBS Analyst Expects Enough Changes for iPhone 5 to Drive Strong Adoption Cycle / BGR: AT&T Blocking Vacation from 10/3 through 10/14 / CMO of T-Mobile USA Wishes the Carrier Had the iPhone (But Have You Heard How Awesome Androids Are?) / TUAW: Secret Source Says shuffle and nano are Circling the Drain / Sterne Agee Analyst Says iPad Demand Remains Strong Despite JP Morgan Report on Production Reduction / Janney Capital Analyst Initiates Apple Coverage with Buy Rating and 495-Dollar Target / Apple Fights Verizon Amicus Brief Fighting Ban on Some Samsung Products in the States / Judge May Impose Temporary Injunction Against Sale of Samsung Galxy Tab 10.1 in Australia / USITC Agrees to Investigate Patent Infringement Charges from HTC Against Apple / Fortune Bundles 30 Years of Articles About Steve Jobs into Kindle Only eBook

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Mac OS Ken: 09.27.2011

Apple Sets 4Q Earnings Call for Tuesday 18 October / JP Morgan Analyst Freaks Over Perceived Reduction in iPad 2 Production While Other Analysts Keep Cooler Heads / Fortune: JP Morgan Analyst May Have Forgotten About the New Foxconn iPad Facility in Brazil / Nielsen: Android Widens Lead in US Smartphones While iPhone Holds a Strong Second Place / San Francisco Apple Retail Location Set to Reopen After Renovations on October 5th / Seattle Apple Retail Location Set to Reopen After Renovations on October 7th / Ars Technica: New Mac Trojan Disguises Itself as PDF / Apple Adds New Trojan to Malware Definitions for Snow Leopard and Lion / Another Trojan Posing as Adobe Flash Installer Spotted in the Wild / Apple and Samsung Square Off in Australian Court / Apple and Samsung Also Square Off in Dutch Court / USPTO Denies Apple Application to Trademark the Term “Multi-Touch” / Amazon Signs Fox Video Deal Ahead of Expected Tablet / All Things D Sources Say Three Major Magazine Publishers On Board for New Amazon Tablet / TechCrunch Says New Amazon Tablet to Be Called “Kindle Fire”

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Mac OS Ken: 09.26.2011

Barclays Capital Analyst Ups Apple Target to 555-Dollars on Apple’s Power as “Disruptive Force in Hardware” / Fortune: Jefferies Analyst Advises Clients on Oct 4 Event (About Which Apple Has Not Yet Advised Anyone Officially) / All Things D Sources Say Oct 4 Event to Be Held on Apple Campus / Amazon Invites Press to Event in NYC This Wednesday, 28 September / The Next Web: Twitter Events May Indicate Release of iOS 5 by Oct. 10 / Apple Insider: Apple Employee Vacation Blackout Dates May Indicate iOS 5 Release on Oct 10 and New iPhone Release on Oct 14 / Apple Joins Consumer Protection Group DDP / S3 Sues Apple for Alleged Patent Infringement / Samsung Files Four New Suits Against Apple in the Netherlands / Verizon Files Amicus Brief Asking US Court to Not Ban Certain Samsung Products / All Things D: Samsung App Display Uses Icons for Mobile Safari and iOS App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 09.23.2011

Apple Sends (Yet Another) 10.7.2 beta to Developers / Canadian Carrier Telus Offering iPhone 4 for 99-dollars Until October 3rd / AT&T CEO Downplays Negatives Associated with Other Carriers and the Anticipated New iPhone / UBS Survey Shows Notable Retention Rates for iPhone / Credit Suisse Analyst Says More People with Higher Incomes Will Spend More Money on Apple Gear / Gartner Sees iPad Dominance of Tablet Space Through at Least 2015 / Wedbush Analyst Expects Monster Holiday Quarter for Apple (Followed by WHat Sounds Like Craziness) / VIA Technologies Sues Apple for Alleged Patent Infringement Related to Microprocessors / Disney Interactive Shifts Focus from Consoles to iOS Games / First Episode of Ken Burs Doc “Prohibition” Debuts Through PBS iOS Apps Beginning Today / Apotheker Out and Whitman in as HP CEO

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Mac OS Ken: 09.22.2011

All Things D: Sources Say 4 October for Apple iPhone Event / The Loop: What All Things D Said / Al Gore Either Says “New iPhone’s Coming Out Next Month” or “New iPhones Coming Out Next Month” / Wedge Partners Analyst Sees One New iPhone (4S) Only / Bloomberg: Multiple Analysts Show Apple Lots of Love / Sprint CEO Does Nothing to Slow Talk of a Sprint iPhone / Streetspace Sues Apple, Google, and Others for Alleged Patent Violation / Apple Says FaceTime and iOS Meet US Medical Privacy Regulations / Apple Gives Over 9-Thousand Donated iPads to Teach for America / The AP Starts Tracking Top Free and Paid iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad / Bloomberg: HP Board Considers Ousting CEO / WSJ: HP Board Fails to Settle on CEO Replacement (via CNET)

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Mac OS Ken: 09.21.2011

Sell Your Gadgets to Buy New Gizmos with Mac OS Ken Sponsor / T-Mobile USA Exec Reportedly Says Carrier Not Getting iPhone 5 This Year / T-Mobile USA Puts All Smartphones on Sale (with New 2-Year Contract) Ahead of Next iPhone / Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X and Offers 30-Day Free Trial / Apple Outs Thunderbolt Software Update for Snow Leopard and ProApps QuickTime Codecs Update / Apple Now Selling Thunderbolt Enabled “Little Big Disk” from LaCie / Apple Opening Stores This Weekend in China, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Italy, France, and the USA / Apple Insider: NYC Glass Cube Renovation May Be Finished Earlier Than Expected / MacRumors Says White iPod touch on the Way

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Mac OS Ken: 09.20.2011

“Defence in Depth” Outlines Serious Password Vulnerability in OS X Lion / JP Morgan Analyst: Seriously - Don’t Look for a New Model of iPad Before End of 2011 / JP Morgan Analyst Expects Two New iPhone Models Before End of 2011 / Apple Tops ACSI for Eighth Year in a Row / Apple Thunderbolt Support Document Seems to Hint iMac Update Before End of 2011 / Apple Issues Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update 1.0 / USITC Agrees to Review HTC Patent Loss to Apple / At Least 23 Companies Including Apple Targeted by Apparent Patent Troll Lawsuit / Apple Retail and Online Store Sees Big International Openings This Week / Australia Gets New Apple Retail Location in New South Wales This Saturday / Electronista: Windows Store Exclusivity for Window 8 Metro-Optimized Apps Could Run Afoul of Antitrust Laws / Michael Dell Downplays Post-PC Talk While Predicting Post-PC Offerings from Dell

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Mac OS Ken: 09.19.2011

Apple Issues (Another) beta Build of Lion 10.7.2 to Developers / 9 to 5 Mac: Apple Reseting iCloud This Thursday in Anticipation of iOS 5 GM / Engadget: Pic Purports to Show White iPhone 4s Listed in AT&T Inventory System / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Sees Harder Times Coming for Research In Motion with / Expected Launch of New iPhone / German Court Nixes the Samsung “Kubrick Defense” / Samsung Countersues Apple in Australia for Allegedly Violating Seven Wireless Patents / Anonymous Samsung Exec Says Company Will Sue to Stop Apple Selling Next iPhone in SKorea / Google Buys 12-Hundred Patents from IBM to Arm Makers of Android Devices / Apple and Microsoft Among Four Companies Targeted by Tallgrass Prairie Management in Patent Suit / Apple Offers Settlement to Queens Stores Selling Counterfeit Goods / Microsoft Abandons Flash and Other Plug-Ins for Windows 8 Metro UI for Mobiles / Boeing Picks Android for 787 Dreamliner In-Flight Entertainment Systems / Negative Sentiment Expressed Over Proposed Apple Store in Peking University Library

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