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Mac OS Ken: 08.31.2011

comScore: Apple Grows Market Share for iPhone and iOS in the States / Apple Hiring iOS QA Location Engineer to Help with “Exciting New Features” / All Things D: Contrary to Early Reports Latest iCloud/iTunes beta Does Not Stream Music / Deutsche Telekom to Sell iPad 2 in Its Stores in FIve European Countries / Financial Times App Removed from iOS App Store / HP Promises OTA Update for Discontinued TouchPad / HP to Produce a Last, Limited Run of TouchPads / HP PSG Lead Says a Spun-Off PSG Could Resurrect the TouchPad / Apple CEO Tim Cook Reportedly Taking Up the Jobs microMail Tradition

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Mac OS Ken: 08.30.2011

DigiTimes: Sources Says Screen for Next iPhone Will Not Be Bigger Than Current iPhone Screen / iPodNN: iPod Sales Point to Imminent Refresh of Music-Player Line / MacRumors: At Least One More Snow Leopard Update Expected for Basic iCloud Syncing / Apple Insider: Apple Seed iTunes beta with iCloud “Scan and Match” to Developers / Secret Sources Tell WSJ That Apple is Working on "New Technology to Deliver Video to Televisions" / Apple Television Rumor/Speculation Starts Again / LG Display Cuts CapEx Plans on Weakness in TV Sales / Google Chairman Makes Noise About Google TV (or Something Like It) / Forrester Sees Fabled Amazon Tablet as Serious Disruption to Tablet Space

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Mac OS Ken: 08.29.2011

Ticonderoga Analyst Sees Potential for Huge MacBook Air Sales in China / Sprint Advises Employees to Offer “No Comment” to iPhone Questions / Apple Issues New beats for 10.7.2 and iCloud / Apple Case Against Samsung in US Moved Forward to Mid-2012 / Judge Extends Temporary Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia Until at Least End of September / Apple Drops TV Shows Rentals from iTunes / Cook Given One-Million Share of Apple to Take CEO Spot / Marathoner Runs 13-Mile Goodbye to Jobs in Shape of Apple Logo

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Mac OS Ken: 08.26.2011

Apple Shares Hold Steady on First Full Day of Trading Post CEO Shuffle / Tim Cook Bolsters the Apple Troops Via Email / Sterne Agee Analyst Shaw Wu Reiterate “Buy” Rating on Apple / Apple Insider: Jobs Biography to Include CEO Resignation / Dutch Court Bans Sale of Some Samsung Phones in EU for Apple Patent Violation / Dutch Court Says Apple “Slid to Unlock” Patent Likely Invalid / German Court Maintains Temporary Injunction Barring Sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Until at Least 9 September / Acer Chairman Still Thinks Tablets Are Just a Fad / ASUS Fares Well in 2Q Thanks Largely to Eee Pad Transformer / IHS iSuppli Expects iPad to Dominate Tablets Through 2013 / Tampa Bay Buccaneers Says iPad 2 is Ready for Some Football

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Mac OS Ken: 08.25.2011

Apple Board: Jobs Resigns as CEO, Now Chairman of Board - Tim Cook Promoted to CEO / Jobs Says He’s Unable to Meet “Duties and Expectations as Apple’s CEO” / Henry Blodget: The Case for Apple Without Jobs as CEO / Apple Insider: Financial Analysts Unfazed by Apple CEO Switch / Jobs Resignation Top Story on Many Mainstream News Sites Wednesday Night / Enderle: Not Overly Optimistic Nor Pessimistic on Apple CEO Shuffle / Mossberg: Why Jobs’ Resignation is Not Like a Typical CEO Resignation / Bloomberg: Secret Source Says Jobs to Stay on Disney Board of Directors / Woz: Jobs Likely to Be Remember as Best Business Leader of Our Time

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Mac OS Ken: 08.24.2011

WSJ: Secret Sources Say Sprint to Start Selling Next iPhone in October / Munster: Sprint Could Sell 6-Million iPhones in First Year (Assuming it Gets the iPhone) / Apple Insider: Secret Sources Say Ads for Next iPhone Will Not Be Completed Until First Week in October / Fortune Sees “iCloud iPhone” Where One May Not Be / TBR Analysts Says Cheap iPhone 4 Will Be Standard Move for Apple and Not an iCloud iPhone / China Telecom Hints at iPhone Talks / iTunes Streaming Upcoming RHCP Album for Free / Lion in Mac App Store Finally Makes it to v.10.7.1 / Apple Releases Updated Drivers for Epson Printers / France, North Carolina, and Arkansas to Get New Apple Stores This Weekend / Google Makes Tools for Making Android Apps for Google TV (Now All They Need Are Interested Developers and a User Base) / Samsung Uses 2001: A Space Odyssey as Defense Against iThing “Look and Feel” Lawsuit

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Mac OS Ken: 08.23.2011

NPD: Mac Sales See Double-Digit Growth in July / NPD: Android Top Mobile OS in US in 2Q, Apple Top Smartphone Maker / Best Buy Runs One-Day Promo Offering Free iPhone 3GS with AT&T Upgrade or New Contract / Apple Insider: Chinese Supplier Lists Parts for Sale That it Says are for Next iPhone / TechCrunch: Developer Says “World Phone” iPhone Showing Up in App Usage Logs / 9 to 5 Mac: iOS 5 to Add Early Earthquake Notification for Japanese Users / Apple Fixes Five Glitches with iTunes 10.4.1 Update / Japanese Site Claims Something Super-New Coming to Mac Line By End of Year / Korea Times: Unnamed Sources Say Apple Not Likely to Use OLED in Eventual TV

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Mac OS Ken: 08.22.2011

BGR: Source Says AT&T Exec Says New iPhone in Early October / The Loop Says “Yep” to Early October iPhone Talk / Electronista Pic May or May Not Show Touch Panel for Next iPhone with Bigger Screen and Squished Home Button / Promotion Sees Canadian Carrier Telus Cut Price on On-Contract 16GB iPhone 4 / Canadian Carriers Bell and Virgin Mobile Also Cut Prices on 16GB iPhone 4 / Apple Issues a Slew of betas Tied to Impending Launch of iOS 5 / Apple Insider: Latest iOS 5 beta Said to Include 4G/LTE Test Code / TechCrunch: Documentation Says Developer Access to UDID Will Be Cut Off in iOS 5 / Avid Issues Pro Tools 9 beta Update with Lion Compatibility / HP TouchPad Prices Fall to 99 or 149-Dollars / CNET: Is the Future Apple or Dell or Apple and Dell? / Lenovo CEO Says His Company Can Beat Apple in China / With webOS Out of the Picture, Jefferies Analyst Upgrades RIM from Underperform to Hold / Microsoft Exec Argues Against Post-PC Talk / British Airways Tests iPads for Cabin Crew

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Mac OS Ken: 08.19.2011

Holy Crapping Crap! HP Stops webOS Operations, Mulls Spinning-Off Computer Business, and Wants to Buy Another Company / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst: Super-Thin Profit Margins Make HP PC Spin-Off Make Sense / HP CEO: “The Tablet Effect is Real” / DisplaySearch: Apple Beats HP in Mobile PC Sales in June Quarter (Counting iPads as Mobile PCs) / HP Taking a 100-Million-Dollar Charge Tied to Poor TouchPad Sales / China Mobile Says It’s Met Several Times with Steve Jobs to Talk China Mobile-Specific iPhone / Chinese Suits Charge Apple with Selling Refurbished iPhone 4s as New / Apple Sued for Allegedly Violating Patent with Disk Utility / Computerworld Netherlands: Apple Looks to Decimate Samsung Galaxy Product Lines in EU / Motorola Mobility Shareholder Sues Motoroogle for Low Price of Acquisition / Best Buy Promo Gives Away Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Select 3D TVs / LG, Sony, Philips, and Hitachi All See Trouble in TV Space / Reader’s Digest Hops on the iPad In-App Subscription Train

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Mac OS Ken: 08.18.2011

Gleacher and Co. Analyst: Apple Still Best Technology Company on the Planet / Needham Analyst: Mac Sees Stellar Growth in China / Mac Sees Growth in W. Europe and France While Other Computers Lose Share / Global Equities Analyst Says Mac Sales Stank Last Week (Though His Research May Be Lacking) / Apple Hit with Class Action Suit in SKorea Over Location Logging in iOS 4 / WSJ: Google Mobile VP Andy Rubin May Have Pushed for Moto Buy to Get an In-House Hardware Maker / Reuters: Sources Say Apple, Nokia, and Qualcomm Still Eyeing InterDigital Purchase / Report: Samsung Chairman Wants to Buy Something in Wake of Googlrola Deal / Apple Store Up and Down and Up for First Half of Wednesday / TUAW: Other Websites and Services Off and On Wednesday as Well / MacNN: Apple Store Comes Back with (Very) Limited Social Network Hooks / All Things D: Sources Say Quattro Founder and iAd Chief Leaving Apple for VC Firm / Designer for iTunes Headed to Square / SplatF: Next Year Might Not Be Too Late for Windows Tablets

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