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Mac OS Ken: 04.29.2011

iLounge Sees Short Line at One Store for White iPhone 4 / 45 Line Up for White iPhone 4 at Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store in NYC / Macworld UK: Huge Lines in Beijing for White iPhone 4 / Forbes: White iPhone 4 Thought to Have Sold Out in Beijing and Hong Kong / Reports Say White iPhone 4 About .2mm Thicker Than Black iPhone 4 / NPD: Apple Third Largest Phone Seller in the States with Top Two Phones on the Market / RIM Offers Troubling Guidance for Current-Quarter BlackBerry Sales / Forbes: Lines Three-Blocks Long for iPad 2 in Tokyo / Canalys: Apple Fourth-Largest PC Maker (If We Count Tablets as PCs) / Best Buy Sees “Great (Though Undefined) Success” with BlackBerry PlayBook / Vague Indications from RIM and Motorola Mobility Around Sales of PlayBook and Xoom / Samsung Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Apple In the U.S. / Report: Three Foxconn Employees Arrested in Connection with iPad 2 Leaks / Rumor: Apple Buys Domain for 4.5-Million Dollars

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Mac OS Ken: 04.28.2011

Apple Issues Statement Addressing iOS 4 Location Logging Issues / Apple CEO Steve Jobs Talks Location Logging with D: All Things Digital / Privacy Expert Takes Issue with Some of Apple’s Location Logging Statements / Forbes: Apple Applied for Patent for ‘Location Histories for Location Aware Devices’ in 2009 / Apple Mentions Eventual Traffic Service for iOS Users in Next Couple of Years / Apple Announces Availability of White iPhone 4 in 28 Countries Today / Lines form in Hong Kong for White iPhone 4 Soon After Announcement / iPad 2 Launching in 12 Countries This Week / Angry Birds Developer Sings Song of Love for iOS / Research Firm Says Android Market Could Overtake iOS App Store in Number of Titles in Next Few Months / Developer Says It Got an iOS 5.0 Crash Report / AT&T Starts Second Round of Busting Unauthorized iPhone Tethering

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Mac OS Ken: 04.27.2011

Nielsen: Android Takes the Lead for Smartphone OS in States / iOS Top of Mind for Smartphone and Tablet Developers / Leaks from Canadian Carriers Indicate Imminent Arrival of White iPhone 4 / Barclays Analyst: Apple Cap-Ex Plans Make Him Think His Revenue Estimates Are Low / Amazon (Finally) Responds to Apple Suit Over Term “Appstore” with Countersuit / Report: The Apple-iTunes-Cloud-Locker May Eventually Cost Consumers Money to Use / Apple Adds Card Themes and Bug Fixes with iPhoto ’11 Update / Apple Releases Snow Leopard Font Update / Apple Updates MobileMe Control Panel for Windows / 9 to 5 Mac Reader Says G3 Macs Suddenly Incompatible with iTunes Store / Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone 4 Case Offered (Then Apparently Pulled) by Society 6 / South Park Starts 15th Season with Some Sort of iPad Parody: HUMANCENTiPAD

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Mac OS Ken: 04.26.2011

Apple Insider Sources Say Apple Retail Prepping for Imminent Arrival of White iPhone 4 / Pics Clicked of White iPhone 4 from Vodafone UK / Electronista: Best Buy Inventory System Points to 27 April Launch of White iPhone 4 / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Thinks White iPhone 4 Could Boost Device Sales / BGR Shows Shots of What Looks Like a Test iPhone on T-Mobile USA / Rumors and Reports Indicate New iMacs as Early as Next Week / Governments of Italy and France Looking into iOS 4 Location Logging / South Korea Looking into iOS 4 Location Logging / Illinois AG Would Like to Meet with Apple and Google on Data Collection / Senator Franken Calls Apple and Google to May 10th Hearing on Privacy, Technology, and the Law / Jobs Reportedly Responds to Location Logging Email Questions Saying “We Don’t Track, Android Does.” / WSJ: Turning Off Location Services in iOS 4 Doesn’t Stop Location Logging / First Lawsuit Over Location Logging Filed in Florida / Apple Issues Update for Mid-2010 iMac Hard Drive Firmware / Apple Drops 7-Year Attempt to Trademark “POD” in Canada / Apple Seeks Trademark for Term “Startup” Associated with Retail

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Mac OS Ken: 04.22.2011

Fortune: Amateurs Whip Pros (Again) in Apple 2Q FY2011 Estimates / Pros Ignore Their Misses and (Mostly) Sing Praises of Apple Going Forward / Verizon Activates 2.2-Million iPhone 4s in Truncated Quarter of Sales / Verizon CFO Indicates That Next iPhone Will be a “World Phone” / 9 to 5 Mac: Apple Invites Select Game Developers to Play with iPhone with A5 Chip / Strategy Analytics: Apple Tops the World’s Phone-Makers in Terms of Revenue / comScore: Total iOS Platform Easily Beats Total Android Platform in Europe / Samsung Countersues Apple Outside the U.S. / Rep. Markey Joins Sen. Franken in Call for Answers Over iOS 4 Data Logging / German Government Seeks Info on iOS 4 Data Logging / Gruber: iOS 4 Data Logging Could Be a Bug or a Whoops / Reuters: Apple is THIS CLOSE to a Cloud-Based Music Locker Service / Apple Issues Minor Update for iBooks iOS Application / Indications That Apple May Hold Celebration of Sorts for 10th Anniversary of Apple Retail Next Month

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Mac OS Ken: 04.21.2011

Apple Reports Record March Quarter Numbers / Reuters Sources Say Next-Gen iPhone to Launch in September / AT&T Sees iPhone Activations for March Quarter Grow by Nearly One Million Units Y-O-Y / iPad 2 Wait Drops to 1 to 2 Weeks in Several Countries / Security Researchers Find iOS 4 Devices Storing Wheres and Whens of Users / Silicon Alley Insider: Hide Location Data by Encrypting Device Syncs / Senator Al Franken Sends Questionnaire on iOS 4 Data Collection to Apple CEO Steve Jobs / Tech Forensics Expert Says He Published Data on iOS 4 Data Gathering Months Ago

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Mac OS Ken: 04.20.2011

comScore: iPad Not for Apple Fanboys Only / Samsung Vows to Fight Back Against Apple Lawsuit / Apple v. Samsung Suit Reveals Number of iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches Sold So Far / Concord Securities Analyst Puts 2nd-Gen Apple TV Sales at 2 Million Units / Electronista Hears Hints Indicating New iMacs Coming Soon / 9 to 5 Mac: Apple Kills 30-Dollar Rebates for iWork and MobileMe

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Mac OS Ken: 04.19.2011

NPD: Mac Says Up 47-Percent in March of 2011 Versus March of 2010 / Three UK Posts (then Pulls) Order Page for White iPhone 4 / Concord Analyst Makes Expected and Unexpected iPhone 5 Predictions / USITC Says HTC and Nokia Probably Not Guilty of Patent Infringement Against Apple / Apple Sues Samsung for “Copying” iThing Elements in Galaxy Lines / Apple Seeks Dismissal of Six-Year-Old iTunes DRM Suit / Apple Issues Minor iTunes Update Dealing Mostly with Syncing iThings / Microsoft Outs Photosynth Panorama Photo App for iOS Devices

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Mac OS Ken: 04.18.2011

JP Morgan Analyst Ups (Most) Expectations for Apple for 2Q FY2011 / Toys R Us (Kind of) Starts iPad 2 Sales in the States / Reuters Sources Say Production Underway of White iPhone 4 / 9 to 5 Mac: Something in Verizon Wireless Inventory System Looks Like a White iPhone 4 / Google Exec: iPhone Growth is Good for Google / Apple Sued Over In-App Purchases in Games for Kids / Apple Ships Update for Developer Preview of Lion / Apple Revamps Discussion Forums Into “Apple Support Communities” / Fortune: Some Apple Discussion Forum Users Not Happy with “Apple Support Communities” Changes / Apple Sells Square Payment Reader Online and In Brick-and-Mortar Stores / Apple Patents Interesting Hybrid Laser Projection Technology / Fox and Discovery Content Return to Streaming Time Warner Cable App for iPad / Reviews for RIM PlayBook Tend to Run Tepid / Enterprise-Only Cisco Cius Set for Wide Release at End of May / US Congressman Seems to Think iPads will Both Save and Destroy the Country

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Mac OS Ken: 04.15.2011

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.2 for Most iOS Devices and iOS 4.2.7 for CDMA iPhone 4 / Apple Issues Security Updates for Safari, Leopard, Leopard (Server), and Snow Leopard / Apple (Re)Confirms Spring Launch for White iPhone 4 / Developer Spots App Store Placeholder for Mystery iOS-Compatible Device / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Hears Talk of as Many as 45 Million iPads Sold in 2011 / Rumor/Report: Apple Hires Data Center Services Exec Away from Microsoft / Best Buy Plans to Reduce Big Stores and Add More of the Small Best Buy Mobile Stores / Elevations Partner Co-Founder is in Love with Apple and HTML 5

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