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Mac OS Ken: 03.31.2011

Apple Sets 2Q FY2011 Earnings Call for 20 April / Pacific Crest Analyst Anticipates Unusually Conservative Guidance from Apple for 3Q FY2011 / Wu Worries That Apple May (Eventually) Get Too Big to Grow / Needham and Company Analyst No Longer Wonders Whether iPad is Fad / Microsoft Exec Not Sure Tablets are Here to Stay / Dell Exec Uses Fuzzy Math and FUD to Predict Failure for iPad in the Enterprise / Blogger Counts 17 Apps Made Specifically for Android 3.0 / Apple Releases Second Developer Build of Lion / Apple Issues Patch to Fix iTunes Issue on 13-Inch MacBook Air Running Latest Version of Snow Leopard / Morgan Stanley/AlphaWise Survey: Chinese Consumers Would really Like a Less Expensive iPhone / Nokia Charges Apple with Infringement of Seven More Patents / Amazon Launches “Cloud Drive” Media Locker Service / Apple TV-competitor Roku Makes Major Push into Brick-and-Mortar Retail / Microsoft Head of Marketing Moving On

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