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Mac OS Ken: 03.29.2011

Apple Announces WWDC 2011 for June 6 through 10 in San Francisco / WWDC 2011 Sells Out in Under 12-Hours / ADA Says Yes to Mac Apps (as Long as They Are in an Apple App Store) / The Loop: No New iPhone at WWDC 2011 / All Things D: No New iPhone at WWDC 2011 / The Apple Blog: “No iPhone at WWDC” Reports May Be More Than Coincidence (But They Still Expect and iPhone at WWDC) / Apple Not Yet Buying Components for Fifth-Gen iPhone / Forbes: Analysts Guess Between 5-Million and 8.8-Million iPads Sold in Apple 2Q FY2011 / 500 Busiest RadioShack Stores to Start Carrying iPad 2 Today / WSJ: Apple Support Offices Evacuated After Bomb Threat / Apple Opening Store in Dresden, Germany This Thursday / BST Change Plays Merry Havoc on Some Alarms for iOS Device Users in UK / Jobs Tops Barron’s Top 30 CEOs List for 2011 / Unused (Still in Box) 20th Anniversary Macintosh Up for Bids on eBay

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