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Mac OS Ken: 03.24.2011

CNET Says Some LA Stores See Easing in iPad 2 Supply Constraint / Electronista Says Some iPad 2s Set for April Delivery Shipping Early / NPD Sees Growth for Larger Screened Smartphones / Bernstein Analyst Plays “What if” with North Carolina Data Center / Jobs Micromail: Apple has No Plans to Kill iPod Classic / Report: Time Warner Cable Receiving Cease and Desist Letters from Content Providers Over iPad Streaming App / Bloomberg: Apple Could License AirPlay for Video Devices Sometime This Year / WSJ Experiments with Single Issue Sales Through iPad App / Jobs Beats Opposition to Stay on Walt Disney Co. Board / Bertrand Serlet - Senior VP of Mac Software Engineering - Leaving Apple / Serlet Announcement Comes Nearly 10 Years to the Day After Initial Release of Mac OS X / All Things D: Nothing Surly in Serlet Departure

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