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Mac OS Ken: 03.21.2011

AT&T Wants to Buy T-Mobile USA for $39-Billion in Cash and Stock / Get More Info on the Proposed AT&T-Mobile Merger at / Sprint Not Exactly Pleased by AT&T-Mobile Deal / Electronista Says AT&T-Mobile Could Hurt Android / AT&T Rooting Out Unauthorized Smarthphone Tethering / AT&T Drops Another Hundred Dollars from the Price of 1st Gen “Plus 3G” iPads / BMO Analyst Says Verizon iPhone Sales “Solid, But Not Spectacular” / Apple iPad 2 Site for Czech Republic Indicates 25 April Launch / Foxconn Says It Will Not See Components Shortages Despite 11 March Disasters in Japan / Rumor Redux: Foxconn Mulls Brazilian Plant for Apple Product Production / Rumors Resurface of Big Changes to MobileMe / CNET Looks at Potential for Sandy Bridge Processors in MacBook Air / Rumor: Sony Outing New VAIO to Target MacBook Air / Distimo Examines the Mac App Store Two Months In

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