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Mac OS Ken: 03.18.2011

Fortune Tears JMP Analyst a New One as Credit Suisse Initiates Apple Coverage with 500-Dollar Target / CLSA Analysts Dismiss JMP Downgrade (But Worry Over Short-Term Supply Issues Thanks to Disasters in Japan) / Piper Jaffray: Japan Disasters Short-Term Concern for Apple (Though Product Demand Stronger than Ever) / Pacific Crest Securities: Apple Should Weather Component Concerns in Wake of Japanese Disasters / Jobs Offers Emotional and Logistical Support to Apple Staff in Japan / iPhone Tops JD Power and Associates Survey / New iPhone Ads Seem to Acknowledge Android Lead Without Acknowledging Android / Forbes Tech Reporter Hears Rumors of NFC Technology for Upcomming iPhone / Authorities Say Gizmodophone Investigation Nearing Its End / Blaze Mobile Browser Tests Spark Controversy Then Flame Out / iLounge Tests Show Better Audio Recordings from WiFi Only iPad 2 Than from Plus 3G Models / Apple Forum Points to Problems Between MacBook Pro and iTunes Home Sharing / NYT Taking Content Behind Tiered Pay-Wall on 28 March 2011

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