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Mac OS Ken: 03.08.2011

Target Says It Will Have iPad 2 Beginning Friday / First iPad 2 Line-Sitter (Camper) Spotted in Dallas, Texas / Best Buy Denies Kitting All Sales Associates  with iPads (for Now) / Delta Eyeing iPad for Use in Cockpit / Metrico: iPhone 4 Performance By Network in US Depends on Usage Scenario / Electronista: Hong Kong Grey Market Yields 64GB iPhone 4 Prototype and White iPhone 4 In-Box / Rumor: Apple Going Back to Aluminum Back for iPhone 5 / The Loop: Apple Reducing Third-Party Peripherals to Make Space in Retail / Apple TV Sees Sustained Sales on Amazon Post-Holidays / Study Says Gadgets and Gizmos Keep 95-Percent of Americans from Getting Good Sleep

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