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Mac OS Ken: 03.01.2011

Rumors Out of Far East Around iPhone 5 / Sanford Bernstein Analyst Thinks Less Expensive iPhones Are Coming After Meeting with Apple Execs / Ars Technica Rounds Up a Few iPad 2 Rumors / Goldman Sachs Sets Its Expectations for iPad 2 / FBR Capital Analyst Expects Apple to Ship 2-Million iPad 2s by End of March / SAI: Apple to Announce “Joint Venture” Small-Business Tech Support Tomorrow / FT Parent Threatens to Ditch iPad in Face of iOS Subscription Rules / SAI Says Amazon and Netflix May Be Exempt from iOS Subscription and In-App Purchase Rules / Random House Changes Could Land Publisher in iBookstore / Three Apps That Seem to Pirate Music Show Up in iOS App Store / Moto CEO Says More Tablets Coming by End of Year

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