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Mac OS Ken: 02.28.2011


iFixIt Breaks the New MacBook Pro (for Education) / Apple Insider Thinks iPad 2 Could be Out to Consumers This Week / Apple Insider Looks for What Is Missing from Lion beta / Lion beta Adds Support for Yahoo Messenger to iChat / Podcast Publisher Spotted in Lion beta / Verizon Wireless Chief Downplays Talk of Slow Sales for Verizon iPhone 4 / Wired Wonders Whether Verizon Could Ever Offer and LTE Apple Device / Consumer Reports Likes Verizon iPhone 4 but Cannot Recommend It / Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to Support Both iOS Subscriptions and Google One Pass / Gossip has Ive and Family Wanting to Move Back to UK


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Mac OS Ken: 02.25.2011

Apple Updates MacBook Pro Line / Macworld Looks at New Thunderbolt Interconnection Tecnnology from Intel / Move From Optical to Copper Changes Light Peak Name to Thunderbolt / The Apple Blog Looks at Whether There Are Practical Applications for Thunderbolt Yet / LaCie and Promise Plan Storage Solutions with Thunderbolt Connectivity / Intel Says Apple Likely to Have Thunderbolt to Itself for First Year / Apple Releases First Developer Build of Mac OS X Lion / Apple Invites Security Researchers to Try Out Lion beta / FaceTime Exits beat and Enters Mac App Store for 99-Cents / US Accounting Rules Apparently Force 99-Cent Price Tag on FaceTime / Signs Point to Changes Coming for MobileMe / ChangeWave/RBC Find Most Consumers Would Still Buy Apple Kit in Steve Jobs Absence / Video Pro Praises Sneak Peek of New Final Cut Pro / Apple Hanging Signs on Yerba Buena Center Ahead of 2 March Event

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Mac OS Ken: 02.24.2011

Specs and Speculation: MacRumors Runs Down Last Minute MacBook Pro Talk / Apple Invites Members of the Press to March 2 Event in San Francisco / Electronista Looks at Expectations for iPad 2 / Wired: A Wish-List for iPad 2 Features / Bloomberg: Shareholders Oppose Apple on Voting for Board Members / Apple Says NC Data Center to Go Live this Spring / Apple Insider: Notes from the Apple Shareholder Meeting / Readability Resubmits iOS App (with Defense) to App Store / “The Daily” Extends Its Free Trial Period / Apple Reportedly Cuts iAd Minimum Buy in Half / Merrill Lynch Note Says iOS In App Purchase Rules Could Cost Amazon 160-Million-Dollars in 2011 / Barnes and Noble Claims 25-Percent of Ebook Market in the States / Snow Leopard Printer Drivers Updated for Some Xerox and HP and Epson Machines

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Mac OS Ken: 02.23.2011

FBR Analyst Says iPhone 5 Release Likely Delayed Until September / The Loop Says iPad 2 and iPhone 5 Not Delayed / All Things D: Sources Say iPad 2 Event on for Next Week / Barclays Analyst Says iPad 2 on Track for April Delivery / French Site Outlines Expectations for New MacBook pros This Week / CNET: Intel Holding Special Event - Likely Dealing with Light Peak - This Thursday / Munster Says Apple On-Track to Sell 3.6-Million Macs This Quarter / Apple Sends Sixth beta of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / Apple Updates Software for Touchscreen iPod nano / Two Wintek Employees Say All Workers Are Not Well / Jobs Answer to IAP and Subscription Question Lacks Clarification / FTC Looking Into In-App Purchases in Application Aimed at Kids / Oscar Hosts and Top Nominees to Receive Special Edition Xooms from Motorola This Weekend / Apple Products in 30-Percent of Top Films of 2010

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Mac OS Ken: 02.22.2011

Apple Insider: Secret Source Says New MacBook Pros Hitting on Steve Jobs 56th Birthday This Thursday / BGR Hears of Bigger Glass Trackpads and HDD/SSD Combos for New MacBook Pros / Reports from UK and Canada Point to Possible Approach of 2nd-Gen iPad / Report Says iPad 2 Delayed Until June / Report: Motorola Xoom to Ship without Support for Adobe Flash / Readability Devs Write Open Letter to Apple Against Subscription and In-App Purchase Rules / Forrester CEO Says Apple “Blowing It” with 30-Percent Subscription Take / Google Adds Support for Pages and Other Formats to Google Docs / Gossip Site Posts Video of Ailing Apple CEO / Apple Joins Other Silicon Valley Giants in Plans to Build New Stanford Hospital

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Mac OS Ken: 02.21.2011

Apple Insider Eyes Rumors of New MacBook Pros / Apple Reportedly Warns European Resellers Against Opening Sealed Product Palettes Delivered Today / Best Buy Laptop Configuration Tool Indicates Five New MacBook Pros “Coming Soon” / CNET Source Says Apple to Announce New High Speed Technology Soon / Bloomberg: EU Regulators Say Too Much Tablet Competition to Call iPad a Monopoly Right Now / Electronista: Best Buy Starts Pre-Orders for Moto Xoom / Morgan Stanley Analyst Seems to Jump the Shark on Optimism Over Microsoft and Tablets / Canacord Securities Analyst Says Higher-Res iPad May Wait Until Third-Generation / Apple Job Listing Hints at an Actual TV from Apple

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Mac OS Ken: 02.18.2011

IDC Says Biggest Mac Growth in 1Q FY2011 Came from Enterprise and Government / Developers Get Fifth beta-Build of Snow Leopard Update / Nvidia CEO Says MacBook Air a Likely Blueprint for All Laptops by 2014 / Reports Says US DoJ and FTC Interested in New iOS Subscription Rules / NYT Says No Smaller iPhone on the Way Any Time Soon / DigiTimes Says Apple Has Secured 60-Percent of World Touch Panel Supply for 2011 / 64-Page Xoom User Manual Shows Up Online / Apple Updates Digital Camera RAW / Sony Exec Tries to Defuse Thinly Veiled iTunes Threat / President Obama Meets with 12 Captains of Silicon Valley / One Apple Retail Worker Spills for Popular Mechanics

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Mac OS Ken: 02.17.2011

Google Announces Its Subscription Plans for Publishers / Yahoo Announces Its Own Interesting Publishing Plans / Apple Aims Parts of iOS App Store Guidelines at “Cheaters” / DisplaySearch Says Apple Tops in Mobile PCs (If We Count Tablets as Mobile PCs) / Motorola Confirms 600-Dollar Wifi-Only Xoom and 800-Dollar 3G Model / RBC Capital Analyst Sees Shakeout Coming for Android Tablets / Acer Chairman Says Netbooks and Notebooks to Rise Again Soon / AT&T CEO Calls for Cross-Platform Mobile Apps / iPhone 4 Wins “Best Mobile Device” at Mobile World Congress / Warner Bros Selling Movies as iOS Apps / Amazon Updates Kindle App for iOS with Actual Page Numbers (and Not In-App Purchases) / Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 7 Connector in Mac App Store / CEOs of Apple and Google and Facebook to Dine Tonight with President Obama / The National Enquirer to Publish Pics of Jobs Outside of Cancer Treatment Center

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Mac OS Ken: 02.16.2011

Apple Officially Announces Subscriptions for iOS / The Loop Says Popular Science and Nylon and Elle Launch First Three to Launch In-App Subscriptions / All Thins D says Amazon and Netflix and Other Legacy Appe Have 30 Days to Empliment In-App Purchases for iOS Apps / Rhapsody Displeased with New In-App Purchase Rules for iOS / iSuppli Parent IHS Says Apple Pwned 82-Percent of App Market in 2010 / A T and T Upping DataPro Tethering Plans for Business from 2GB to 4GB / A T and T Pushing 49-Dollar iPhone 3GS in Latest Ads / A T and T CEO Extolls Virtues of Second iPhone Carrier in the States / Rumors Surface of - Surprise Surprise - an iPhone with a BIGGER Screen / Facebook Blogs that Lost of Facebook Phones are on the Way / Chronic Dev Team Releases Untethered Jailbreak for Apple TV / Apple Barring iBooks Access on Jailbroken iOS-Devices / Chronic Dev Team Releases Update to Beat iBooks Baffle / Apple Issues Updates for Aperture and iWeb / Apple Insider Source Says New MacBook Pros Likely in First Week of March / Instagram Hits 2-Million Users on Strength of iOS App Alone / Demolition of Jackling House Begins

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Mac OS Ken: 02.15.2011

Apple Releases 2011 Supplier Responsibility Report / Electornista Says Daily Mail Out of UK Echoes Smaller iPhone Stories / Cult of Mac Source Says iPhone nano to Drop All Onboard Storage / Engadget Argues Against the Memory-Free iPhone Idea / Taiwanese Site Says iPhone Prototype Features Slide-Out Keyboard / Motorola Mobility Shares Shaken in Wake of Proto-iPhone Update Rumors / Fortune Notes Proximity of iPhone Rumors to Mobile World Congress / Report Says Apple to Become Largest Customer for Samsung as Samsung Steps-Up Competition Against Apple / Nokia CEO Says His New Company Receiving Billions from Microsoft (His Old Company) / 16-Year Microsoft Vet Named President of Nokia USA / Survey Could Show Apple Mulling 3G-Connectivity for MacBook Air / Judge Tosses Overheating iPad Class-Action Suit

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