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Mac OS Ken: 06.30.2010 Lines Greet First Day of Walk-In Sales for iPhone 4 at NYC A T and T Stores / A T and T iPhone 4 Shortages Not Limited to NYC / Wu Says Apple Could Have Sold More iPhone 4s If It Had Had More iPhone 4s to Sell /  California Firm Seeks Participants for Possible iPhone 4 Antenna Class Action Suit / Advertising Age Report Says iOS4 for iPad in November / Google Updating Nexus Ones with Froyo / Hulu Testing Premium Service Compatible with iThings / Apple Adds 10-Dollar HD Movies to iTunes Store / SAI Hears Talk of Apple TV and Acquisitions Over Dinner / Foxconn May Move Apple Manufacturers Out of Shenzhen / Jobs Responds to Email About Conflict Minerals in Apple Products / Amazon CEO Bezos Talks iPad and Kindle / Barnes and Noble Accentuates Success in eBooks for FY2009 / Steve Jobs Spending Next Week at Media Mogul Summer Camp / Then Again Maybe Jobs is NOT Going to Camp / Catch Mac OS Ken - Live Wednesday Night at 8 EDT on Ustream
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Mac OS Ken: 06.29.2010 ​Apple announces 1.7 Million iPhone 4s Sold in First Three Days / Deutsche Bank Note Praises iPhone 4 and iTunes App Store / UBS Analyst Ups iPhone Sales Expectation to 8 Million in June Quarter and Nearly 10 Million in September Quarter / iSuppli Figures Parts Cost on iPhone 4 at 188-Dollars / Jobs Says Canada Launch of iPhone 4 Will Not Be Delayed / Apple Support Forums Indicate Problems with Some iPhone 4 Proximity Sensors / Firm Says Chrome Beats Safari in the States for the First Time Last Week / Amazon Intros Kindle Edtion A/VBooks for iThings Only / Kindle A/VBooks May Be Less About  Books and More About iBookstore / Apple Opening Second Paris Store This Weekend / Foxconn Hires Two Firms to Manage Worker Dorms in Shenzhen / Research In Motion Sees Decline in Every Country Except the US / A T and T Says Upgrades to NYC 3G Network Complete / Clayton Morris Fights Crime with iPhone 4 / Join Me on Ustream Tomorrow Night at 8PM EDT for Mac OS Ken - Live
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Mac OS Ken: 06.28.2010 USITC to Investigate S3 Patent Violation Complaint Against Apple / Germany Justice Minister Has Question for Apple on Data Collection / Munster Says Vast Majority of iPhone 4 Buyers on Day One Upgrading from Other iPhones / NYT Says Cases Used to Disguise iPhone 4 in Testing May Have Hidden Antenna Issue / Danish Antenna Expert Calls iPhone 4 Antenna Issue Two Weeks Before Launch / Talk of iOS4 Upgrade This Week to Deal with Antenna Issue / Jobs Email Says Stay Tuned on iPhone 4 Antenna Issue / Wu Expects No Impact on iPhone 4 Sales from Reported Antenna Issues / Apple Posts iOS4 User Guide Online / Presents a Cheat Sheet for iOS4 VoiceCommands / Radio Shack Extends iPhone 4 Trade-in Deals Through July 25 / Macworld Looks at what iOS4 and iPhone 4 Mean for Mobile Gaming / Forbes Looks at Benefits to Come from the Gyroscope in iPhone 4 / Palm Share Holders Approve Buyout by HP / Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein to Lead HP Smartphone/Mobility Unit / Former Apple PR Maven Lynn Fox Now Former Palm PR Maven / Verizon Puts Surprisingly Early Sale Prices on Kins / Microsoft Tells Advertisers That Windows Phone 7 Will Be Ad Serving Machine / Macworld Wonders What Comes Next from Apple / Russian President Tours Apple HQ and Silicon Valley / HardMac Says Apple Considering Re-Branding Mac OS X Under iOS / Apple Launches 888-FaceTime So iPhone 4 People Can Try FaceTime
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Mac OS Ken: 06.25.2010 Indie Analyst Zaky Charts Importance of iPhone to Apple Revenue / Apple Retail Partners in US Get Next to No iPhone 4s / Reports of Discoloration on Some iPhone 4 Retina Displays / Possible Reason for Retina Display Discoloration Proposed / Ars Technica Outlines Antenna Issue with iPhone 4 for Lefties / Jobs Suggests Lefties Use a Case or Hold iPhone 4 Differently / Jobs Addresses Lack of Hold Button on iPhone 4 / Munster Expects Between One Million and One-and-a-Half Million iPhone 4s Sold This Weekend / DigiTimes Report Says iPad and iPhone 4 Constraints Likely to Continue / Letter from Congressional Privacy Caucus Quizzes Apple Over iOS4 Privacy Policy / Apple and A T and T Sued for Elimination of iPad 3G Unlimited Data Plan / Apple Lands in Another Patent Infringement Lawsuit / Google Launches HTML5Rocks Website for Developers
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Mac OS Ken: 06.24.2010 Silicon Alley Insider Does the iPhone 4 Review Roundup / Apple Says White iPhone 4 to Hit Second Half of July / iFixIt Takes Apart an iPhone 4 / comScore Says Apple Second Largest Smartphone Maker in Europe / Brian Marshall Sees 80 Percent of iPhone Sales Coming from Outside US by the End of This Year / O2 Accidentally Turns Off Phones of High Spending iPhone 4 Pre Orderers / FedEx Package Tracking Sees Outage on Wednesday / FedEx Says Software Update Stopped Package Tracking on Wednesday / iPhone Dev Team Outs PwnageTool for Jailbreaking iOS4 Devices / Apple Brings Additional Patent Infringement Suit Against HTC / Munster Noodles App Store Costs and Benefits / Susquehanna Financial Analyst Ups iPad Estimates and Apple Price Target / Comics Publisher DC Brings Men in Masks and Tights to iThings / Adobe (Finally) Plans Mac Version of Adobe Audition / Adobe and Google and Motorola and Verizon Announce Droid X / Verizon Hangs on to 30 Dollar Unlimited Data for Droid X / Radio Shack Says Radio Shack Probably Will Not Have iPhone 4 Today
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Mac OS Ken: 06.23.2010 Some iPhone 4s Delivered Yesterday / Tiny Jobs Email Talks Lack of Home Screen Wallpaper on iPhone 3G / A T and T Says No Walk-In iPhone 4 Sales Until Next Tuesday / CNN Money Looks at Where to Get an iPhone 4 in the US on Day One / Anonymous Carphone Warehouse Staffer Says Do Not Bother Lining Up for iPhone 4 / Deutsche Bank Analyst Ups Apple Target to 375-Dollars on Strong Product Cycle / EA Runs 17 Title 99-Cent iPhone Game Sale for 48 Hours / Apple Says 3 Million iPads Sold in 80 Days / Munster Ups iPad Sales Expectations Through 2012 / Wu Ups iPad Sales Expectations / Um Ups ipad Sales Expectations / LA Times Says Apple Keeping Tabs on Locations of Users / Macworld UK Says Apple Gives More Location Control to Users Than the LA Times Thinks / Computerworld Says iPads and Older iPhones and iPod Touches May Be At-Risk for 65 / Vulnerabilities Plugged by iOS4 / The iPad Going to The Plaza / Tuesday Edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live Shot Entirely by MacBook iSight
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Mac OS Ken: 06.22.2010 Bernstein Analyst Posts Words of Caution on Apple (But Still Loves the Stock) / Droid X Takes to Twitter to Gain Traction / Apple Sends Out Reminders to Pick Up Pre-Ordered iPhone 4 on Thursday / Apple Emails Indicate Home Delivery of iPhone 4 One Day Early / Apple Releases iOS4 Gold Master SDK to Developers / Toshiba Plans Limited Run of Courier-type Libretto W100 / Word of a New Tablet from Nokia / Palm Has a Roadmap for New Products and webOS Upgrades / Palm Cuts Prices on Most webOS Apps in Half for Promotion / Deutsche Bank Analysts Says Apple and Google Only Two Players in Smartphones / Researchers to Study Long Term Effects of Multitouch Devices / Confirmed: Barnes and Noble 149-Dollar Nook WiFi to Ship This Week / Amazon Drops Price of Kindle by 70-dollars to 189 to Fight Nook / Apple Updates iBooks for iPad and iPhone and iPod Touch / iAd-Enabled Apps Turn Up in App Store without iAds / New iTunes Privacy Policy Outlines Steps to Opt Out of iAd Tracking / iPhone in Canada Says Five More Apple Store Planned for Great WHite North / Apple Opening New Australia Store in Perth This Saturday / Microsoft Releases Windows Live Messenger for iPhone in App Store / Shipping Postponed for Square Credit Card Reader for iPhone / Toy Story 3 Opens Number One at the Box Office
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Mac OS Ken: 06.21.2010 Some iPhone 4s Shipping While Others Are Apparently Getting Cancelled / O2 Says iPhone 4 Reserved for Current Customers Until End of July / MacNN Thinks iPhone 4 for Canada May Miss July Timeframe / Susquehanna Financial Analyst Sees 2 to 3 Million iPhone 4s Sold on Opening Weekend / Apple Says FaceTime Video Calls Will Not Eat Into Carrier Voice Call Minutes / Apple Updates MobileMe and Releases Find My iPhone App / MacNN and Gruber See and Hear Hints of Next Full Version of Mac OS X / Apple Scans for New Malware Definition with Snow Leopard Update / Citi Analyst Sees Apple Catching Up to Amazon in eBook Sales Eventually / Rumors of New 150-Dollar Barnes and Noble nook eReader This Week / NYT Blog Updates Goatse/iPad 3G Data Case / Cagey Talk from HP Puts Future of Windows 7 Slate in Doubt / Nature Recordist Sues App Developer and Apple for Copyright Infringement / Vatican Consultant Develops iMass App for iPad
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Mac OS Ken: 06.18.2010 Fortune Looks at Four Analysts with Apple Upgrades / Morgan Stanley Analyst on New and Upgrading iPhone Owners / Forrester Says iPad Could Help Push Tablets Past Netbooks by 2012 / ABI Says App Stores Could Peak in the Next Two Years / Reports Resurface of a CDMA iPhone in the Works / Cancellation Notices Sent in Error to Some Who Pre Ordered iPhone 4 Through A T and T / SAI Revisits a Reason to Dislike A T and T / Snow Leopard Update Ships With Outdated and Vulnerable Adobe Flash Player / Psystar Appeal Plods On / Steve Jobs at D8 Session FINALLY Available on iTunes / Apple Posts WWDC Session Videos
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Mac OS Ken: 06.17.2010 Apple Apologizes for Selling So Many Phones / New iPhone 4 Orders Through Apple Slip to July 14 / A T and T Stops Taking Pre Orders for iPhone 4 / A T and T Investigating Possible Account Info Exposure on iPhone 4 Pre Order Day / Best Buy Stops Taking Pre Orders for iPhone 4 / Piper Jaffray Analyst Ups Apple Target on Current Quarter iPhone Sales Strength / CNN Money Looks at Trials and Tribulations for Apple and A T and T / Telus Drops Prices for Current iPhones Ahead of iPhone 4 Launch / Apple to Sell Commitment-Free iPhones in Canada and France and UK / Apple Releases iTunes Update Ahead of iOS4 and iPhone 4 / iOS4 App Updates Start Popping Up in App Store / Nokia Issues Warning to Investors in Face of Smartphone Competition from Apple and RIM / UK Bans Use of iPhones by Government Ministers / iPhone May Not Pass Muster for US Military / Quantcast Says iPad Web Consumption Equal to BlackBerry Web Consumption in North America / Apple Insider Says New Shanghai Apple Store Near Completion
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