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This is daily Apple news. Monday through Friday, Ken Ray brings commute-sized tech news to the podsphere. If it's Apple news, Apple-related news, or news related to Apple-related news, you'll hear about it here. News you'll like... this is Mac OS Ken.
Mac OS Ken: 04.30.2010 Jobs Puts Thoughts on Flash in Open Letter / Adobe CEO Responds to the Thoughts on Flash / Adobe CTO Breaks Up with Apple Post Apple Breakup with Adobe / Gartenberg Says Adobe Needs to Show Flash Running on Shipping Mobile Devices / Guy Who Had iPhone Prototype Regrets Not Doing More to Return Phone to Owner / Apple Beats Motorola to Become Largest US-Based Phone Maker / AT and T Tells Engadget Its Still Needs Time on iPhone Tethering / 21 Percent of Gameloft Sales Are iPhone Apps / Valve Pushes Steam for Mac Until May 12 / Apple Courts Super Big Bucks of a Million Plus for Launch of iAds / Microsoft Says No Plans for Courier / TechCrunch Says HP Has Killed Its Microsoft-based Slate Project / Apple Updates Aperture with Stability Tweaks / Jobs Back on Time 100 List
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Mac OS Ken: 04.29.2010 WWDC 2010 Announced for June 7 through June 11 / Rumor Says Next iPhone to Go on Sale During WWDC / DRAMeXchange Says Next iPhone Could Spur NAND Flash Shortage / Macworld Looks at Apple Design Awards Dropping Mac Category / TUAW Looks at Apple Design Awards Dropping Mac Category / Gawker Says Option to Sue San Mateo Authorities is on the Table / San Mateo Authorities Defend Raid at Casa de Chen / Chen Hires Criminal Defense Attorney / Apple Buys Voice Search Company Siri / HP to Buy Palm / HP Exec Says Company Will Double Down on webOS / HP Says It Plans to Take webOS to Multiple Connected Devices / Microsoft/HTC IP Deal Plays Kind of Like 3G Chess / 3G iPads to Hit Streets in the States Tomorrow / AT and T Outlines 3G Plans for iPad in US
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EFF Criticizes REACT Raid on Casa de Chen / Chen Equipment Untouched as DA Weighs Application of Shiled Laws / Cops ID Guy Who Sold Gizmodo the iPhone Prototype / Wired Says Apple IDs Guy Who Sold Gizmodo the iPhone Prototype (Same Guy Tried to Sell Phone to Wired) / Enderle Talks Gizmodo Investigation and Apple / Steve Jobs to Headline D All Things Digital Conference / Apple Buys Another Small Chip Firm / ARM Sees Record Quarter on Smartphone Growth / Apple Gear Apparently Pulled from Online Discount Sellers in Japan / South Korea Lifts Ban on Personal Use of iPad / Google Exec Talks Android and Openness at the Expense of Apple / BlackBerry OS 6 to Include iPhonesque Multi Touch / Apple Updates iTunes with Stability Tweaks / UCLA Researchers Say iThings May Be Keeping You Awake
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Mac OS Ken: 04.27.2010 Gizmodo Reporter/Journalist Has Computers Seized in iPhone Prototype Investigation / Woz Talks Capricious Firing Practices for Apple / US ITC to Investigate Elan Complaint Over Multitouch Against Apple / SAI Says RIM Still Way Far Behind in Smartphone Apps / Online Ad Firm Estimates 1 Million iPads Sold / Jobs Says No Plans to Lock Mac OS X Into Apple Sanctioned Apps Only / Rhapsody for iPhone and iPod touch Gets Offline Playback / South Korean Culture Minister Commits Technical Faux Pas in iPad iBooks Demo
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Mac OS Ken: 04.26.2010

CNET Says Police Are Investigating iPhone Prototype/Gizmodo Case / iPodNN Spots Short Lived Auction of iPod Touch with Camera / Apple Hires Games Journalist Casamassina to New App Store Position / Apple Outs Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update / Tests Show Camera Connection Kit for iPad Connects More Than Cameras / Rogers Apparently Considering Multiple Device Data Plan / Israel Lifts Ban on iPads / Apple CEO Flying on Business Again / iPhone Owns 72 Percent of Smartphone Market in Japan

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Mac OS Ken: 04.23.2010 Fnord

Correction to Share Price for ARM Holdings Fnord / ARM CEO Talks Down Apple Takeover Rumor Fnord / Gruber Reexamines the Gizmodo/iPhone Prototype Affair Fnord / Letterman Lists Top 10 Excuses for the Guy who Lost the iPhone Prototype Fnord / Do you see them Fnord / Bloomberg Wonders Over the Future of Device Field Testing at Apple Fnord / Apple Adds Maps and App Store to iPad Guided Tours Fnord / Wired Says 26 Percent of Mobile Visitors to Site Browsing on iPad Fnord / Amazon Kindle to Get Limited Retail Launch Sunday Fnord / Barnes and Noble Takes nook to Best Buy and Launches Ad Campaign Fnord / 85 Watt MagSafe Power Adapter Sees Minor Design Tweak Fnord / Apple Announces Dates for London iTunes Festival Fnord

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Mac OS Ken: 04.22.2010

Eight Firms Up Apple Targets After March Quarter Earnings Call / Broadpoint AmTech Up Apps Target on International iPhone Potential / UK Rumor Has Apple Eyeing Takeover of ARM / AT and T Activates 2-point-7 Million iPhones in 1Q / Wireless Grows While Traditional Business Shrinks for AT and T / Electronista Hears Hints of New iPhone on AT and T Conference Call / Still No Official Dates for WWDC 2010 / Adobe Abandons Future Flash CS5 to iPhone/iPod/iPad Plans / Adobe Employee Heralds Flash as Platform Agnostic Open Goodness / Apple Says Flash is Proprietary While iPhone Development is Open / Network World Profiles iPad Use in California Healthcare System / Apple Reportedly Surveying iPad Owners on Usage of the Device / Apple Updates Final Cut Server with a Couple of Fixes

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Mac OS Ken: 04.21.2010

Apple Reports Yet Another Record Breaking Quarter / Apple Confirms April 30 Release/Delivery for 3G iPads in US / iSuppli Analyst Says iPad Production Hampered by Touchscreen Bottleneck / Google CEO Says Chrome OS Machines Should Cost 400 Dollars or Less / Apple Releases New beta of iPhone OS 4 and OS 4 SDK / Apple Warns Once Again Against the Evils of Jailbreaking iThings / Enderle Makes an Interesting Point / Google Buys Start Up Started Up by Former PA Semi Peeps / Fortune Looks at the End of the Lost iPhone Affair / Macworld Has a Pass at the Lost iPhone Story / Podcast of the Apple Earnings Call Available Now on iTunes

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Mac OS Ken: 04.20.2010

Daring Fireball Says Fourth Gen iPhone Pics Are More Than Likely Legit / AP Story Says Gawker Media Paid 5K for Fourth Gen iPhone / Gizmodo IDs Apple Employee Who Lost the Fourth Gen iPhone / iLounge Lays Out the Alleged Fourth Gen iPhone Hardware / Glass Back for Alleged Fourth Gen iPhone Brings Back 2006 Ceramic Enclosure Patent / Alleged Fourth Gen iPhone Appears to Have Been Remote Wiped by Apple / Fortune Eyes Apple Stock Going Into the Apple 2Q Earnings Call / Kaufman Bros Analyst Ups Apple Target to 305 Dollars / Catch the 2Q 2010 Apple Earnings Call on the Apple Website at 2 pm PDT (5 pm EDT) / Apple Beats Google as Most Valuable Company in Silicon Valley / New 3G iPad Orders Now Shipping May 7th in US (Old Orders Still Shipping by End of April) / Apple Initiates Replacement Program for 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle Headphones / Apple Sued by SF Resident Over Liquid Sensors in iPhone / Apple Countersues and Files ITC Complaint Against Kodak / PA School System MacBook Spying Case Ramps Up Huge / Reports Say AT and T Fails iPhone Users at Coachella Music Festival / All Things D Says RadioShack Dropping Palm Pre and Pixi / Sprint Confirms RadioShack Ditching Palm Pre and Palm Pixi / NHL Launches Official NHL App (Late in the Season But Free)

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Mac OS Ken: 04.19.2010 BGR Says AT and T Blocks Employees Vacation for Probable iPhone Launch in June / iPhone OS Tops for Mobile App Developer Plans / iFixIt Dismantles a New 15 Inch MacBook Pro / New Low Risk Mac Malware Spotted by Intego / SF Bay Area Residents Most Likely to Use Apple Gear in US / GW and Cornell Join Princeton in iPad Trouble / Palm Loses One Exec and Pays More to Keep Two Others / Jobsian Email Says Next Final Cut Studio Will Be Awesome
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