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Mac OS Ken: 11.19.2012

Bloomberg: Apple and Motorola Mobility Consider Binding Arbitration to Settle FRAND Licensing Issues

Samsung Files to See Terms of Apple-HTC Settlement

U.S. Magistrate Judge Allows Samsung and Apple to Add New Products to Existing Patent Lawsuit

IDC Analyst: iPad Sales Increase in China After iPad Trademark Settlement with Proview

Apple Closing Messages beta for Lion; Suggests People Upgrade to Mountain Lion

iMessage and FaceTime Take a Sunday Nap

Australia Sends Apple a Bill for $28.5 Million in Back Taxes

OpenFeint Closing Down; Developers Urged to Migrate Games to New Owner Gree

Android Version Jelly Bean Omits Birthdays and Events from the Month of December

Authorities Arrest Guy They Believe to be the “Inside Man” at the JFK/iPad Heist

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