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Mac OS Ken: 11.02.2012

Munster Sees Relatively Slow Start for iPad mini, Though Significant Acceleration to Follow

Business Insider: Apple Providing Shuttle Service for NYC Fifth Avenue Store Employees for iPad mini Launch

Apple Changes Ship Dates for Pre-Ordered Cellular iPad minis to “Mid-November”

iFixit Tears Up an iPad mini: Tough to Get Into and Tougher to Repair

Apple Releases iOS 6.0.1

Apple Ships First betas of iOS 6.1 and Xcode 4.6 to Developers

Apple Updates Safari, iPhoto and Aperture for OS X

Apple Loses Right to Sell iPhone Branded Products in Mexico

Apple Ordered to Remove and Replace Samsung Statement on its UK Site

Business Insider: Forstall May Have Seen the Writing on the Wall Last April

All Things D: Exit of Forstall May Have Encouraged Return of Mansfield

Patent Expert Says In Losing Forstall, Apple Appears to Be Losing Its Most Prolific Current Inventor

California AG Threatens Developers with $2,500 Fine Pre Download if They Fail to Comply with State Privacy Law

Apple’s 10k: Concerns for Apple and Nightmare Fuel for the Rest of US

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