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Mac OS Ken: 11.01.2012

iTunes Teams with American Red Cross to Collect Donations for Superstorm Sandy Relief Effort

Apple Shares Close Under $600 In First Day of Trading After Reorganization Announcement

Barrons: Analysts Still Positive on Apple Despite Executive Shuffle (Except for Enderle Award Winner Trip Chowdry)

Reviews Out for iPad mini; Mostly Positive with a Grumbling or Two on Price and Screen Resolution

Asustek CFO Says Monthly Nexus 7 Sales “Close to 1 Million” Units a Month

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD/iPad mini Compare and Contrast Wrong on Sound Quality

All Things D: iPhone 5 Clears Next-to-Last Regulatory Hurdle in China

Apple Willing to Pay Motoroogle $1 Per iPhone to License Standards Essential Patents

Apple Sends Reminders About First Auto-Renewals for iTunes Match

Apple’s 10k: Oppenheimer and Forstall Get New Titles and Apple Grows R&D by $1 Billion

Apple 10k: Company Plans 30 to 35 New Stores in FY2013

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