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Mac OS Ken: 10.29.2014

Walmart Wades in with Statement Against Apple Pay

NYT: MCX Members Would Face Steep Fines for Accepting Apple Pay

Walgreens Pokes Fun; Reminds Consumers It Accepts Apple Pay

Apple to Talk Cooperation with Alibaba Possibly Tied to Apple Pay

Tim Cook Says The Planet Ran Out of iPod Classic Parts

Apple Exec: No Apple SIM Plans for iPhone 

T-Mobile CEO Says iPhone 6 Plus Orders Are Surprisingly High

GTAT Bemoans Apple Settlement 

Apple Sued Over Graphics Issues with Some 2011 MacBook Pros

Apple TV Gets Two New Providers in the States

iOS 8 Adoption Hits 52-Percent

Apple Expands iAd to 95 Countries

Plague Inc. Sales Up 50-Percent Since Pickup of Ebola Coverage Learn Apple software, plus business and creative skills, from easy-to-follow video tutorials at

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