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Mac OS Ken: 07.13.2011

Electronista: Leaked AT&T Memo May Indicate New iPhone for First Week of October / Piper Jaffray Analyst Thinks Next iPhone will Fly on All Four Carriers in the States / JP Morgan Analyst Thinks Apple 3Q FY 2011 Earnings Will Beat the Street’s Expectations (as Well as His Own) / Ticonderoga Analyst Ups iPad and iPhone Sales Expectations Ahead of 3Q FY2011 Earnings Call / Fortune: Pros and Amateurs See Between 6-Million and 9.5-Million iPads Sold in 3Q FY2011 / UBS Analyst Plays Story Time with Apple Televisions and “Genius Squads” / Reuters: Apple's Top Patent Attorney Quitting (Replacement Already Hired) / Samsung Seeks to Have Some of Apple’s External Lawyers Booted from Case / CNET: Rash of Malware Targeting Android Spotted Over Past Week / Canaccord Genuity: Android Phones Owners Prefer iPads Over Android Tablets / Intego’s VirusBarrier for iOS App Approved for the App Store / Pandora Rolling Out HTML5 Version of Service / HP Announced Second TouchPad with 4G-Connectivity and Faster Processor for This Summer Just Two Weeks After Starting Sales of the First One

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