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Mac OS Ken: 07.07.2011

Global Equities Research: Macs Beating Windows Machines in Back-to-School Sales 4-to-1 / WSJ: Apple Ordering Parts for 25-Million Next-Gen iPhones to Be Delivered This Year / Analysts Catches Peter Pan/Tinkerbell Syndrome Around the iPhone and Sprint / FBR Capital Markets Analyst Hears (and Doubts) Rumors of Another iPad in 2011 / Nielsen: iPhones Most Used for Samrtphone Games / Apple Files New Complaints Against Samsung with USITC / Microsoft Sues Samsung for 15-Dollars Per Android Device Sold / HTC Buys S3 Graphics (and Possible Leverage Against Apple) / Judge Denies Apple Request for Preliminary Injunction Against Amazon’s Use of Term “Appstore” / BlackBerry App World Adds Full Support for Mac / Offers Browser-Based Jailbreak for Recent iThings / German Officials Warn of “Critical Weakness” in iOS in Wake of Jailbreak Exploit

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