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Mac OS Ken: 05.21.2012

Apple CEO and Samsung Exec Meet Today and Tomorrow in SF for Court-Directed Settlement Talks

Apple Moves to Have Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Barred in the States After Recent Appeals Court Win

Unconfirmed Report Says Carriers Pre-Order 9-Million Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphones

Microsoft Says Windows Phone Now Slightly Bigger Than iPhone in China 

Microsoft Repeats Buy a PC, Get an Xbox 360 Back to School Promotion

Sprint Offers 100-Dollar Credit Towards iPhone 4S in Exchange for iPhones from AT&T or Verizon

Two More U.S. Regional Carriers Pick Up iPhone

Warning Message in iOS 5.1.1 Has Some Expecting FaceTime Over 3G Soon

Morgan Stanley Analyst Says Apple Television Could Push Apple Revenue to $400 Billion by 2015 (If They Make One in the Next Two Years)

Apple Reminds Mac App Store Developers of June 1 Sandboxing Deadline 

Apple Sets iTunes Festival London for 30 Days of September

Apple Pushes Apple Expo London to Rename Itself, Now Called Appule Expo

Google and Motorola Mobility Clear Last Hurdle in Googorola Acquisition

Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Movie to Shoot in the Original Apple Garage

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