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Mac OS Ken: 05.16.2012

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9 to 5 Mac: Developers Seeing iOS6 Strings in Application Analytics Software

ABC News and The Verge Say Apple Switching Back to NVIDIA GPUs for New MacBook Pros

Shaw Wu Says iPhone 4S Production Slows in Preparation for Transition to New iPhone

Apple Tops Latest ACSI Report in Smartphone Customer Satisfaction

IHS/iSuppli Expects iPad Market Share to Be 61-Percent Worldwide This Year

CNBC: A Look at Two Analysts Concerned About Apple Shares Near-Term

Apple Wins Ruling Combining and Delaying Patent Cases Against HTC and Motorola

Bloomberg: Disney’s ESPN in Talks With Apple for Expanded TV Access

ESPN: Disney’s ESPN Not in Talks With Apple for Expanded TV Access

Dumb Show Part I: Siri Suggests the Nokia Lumia 900 as Best Smartphone Ever

Dumb Show Part II: Apple Reportedly Changes Siri's Best Smartphone Ever Answer

Dumb Show Part III: Nokia Spokesperson Cries Foul of Change in Siri Smartphone Answer, 

Though Another Spokesperson Downplays the Charge

Dumb Show Part IV: Siri Has Always Given the “Changed” Answers

Apple Moves to Have Siri Suits Dismissed

Apple CEO Meets with U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner

Aaron Sorkin to Adapt Walter Isaacson Biography of Steve Jobs for Sony Pictures

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