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Mac OS Ken: 05.13.2011

Barclays Analyst: Google and Amazon Cloud-Music Services May Shield the Way for Apple “iCloud” / The Hollywood Reporter: Why Google Did What it Did with “Music Beta” / Silicon Alley Insider: Scammers Offering Bogus Music Beta by Google Invites / Nielsen: Wanna Grow Music Sales? All You Need is Beatles / US ITC: Latest Nokia Complaint Against Apple to Wrap Up Just Before the End of the Mayan Calendar / US ITC Sides Against Apple in Patent Infringement Case Against Kodak / Microsoft, HTC, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson Appeal to EU to Block Apple Trademark of Term “App Store” / OWC Says 3rd-Parties Cannot Upgrade Primary Hard Drive in 2011 iMacs / Electronista: Apple Retail Moves Reported for Bellevue, WA, U of Deleware, and Bordeaux, France / Amazon CEO Plays Coy on Tablet Possibility / Netflix Adds Captions Option to Movies in iOS Apps / Ericsson Survey: 35-Percent of Android and iPhone Owners Check an App Before Getting Out of Bed

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