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Mac OS Ken: 05.12.2011

Canaccord Genuity Analyst: iPhone 4 Top-Selling Smartphone at AT&T and Verizon in April / Canaccord Genuity Analyst: iPhone 3GS Outsells Many Newer Androids on AT&T / CNET: Music Insiders Says Apple’s Cloud Music Service will be Better than Amazon’s and Google’s (Assuming it Actually Launches a Cloud Music Service) / Forbes: 50-Percent of iOS Magazine Subscribers Allow Apple to Share Info with Publishers / Developers Kill iFlow Reader, Blame Apple’s In-App Purchase Rules / Linex Sues Apple, HP and Others for Allegedly Violating Its Wireless Patents / Apple Issues Performance and Bug-Fix Update for 2nd-Gen Apple TV / Apple Issues Minor Update for iPhoto / Ballmer Pledges Continued Support for Skype Beyond Microsoft Operating Systems / Coldwell Banker Becomes 100th iAd Customer / Report: Apple Kills iAds for Kids’ Apps

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