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Mac OS Ken: 05.11.2012

Computerworld: Apple Issues 36 Security Fixes with This Week’s Updates

Adobe Security Chief Applauds FlashPlayer Changes in Updated Safari

Apple Insider: More Hints in Lion Update of Retina Display Macs in the Future

Apple Issues Minor Update to 2nd and 3rd-Gen Apple TVs

MM Research: Apple Top Smartphone Vendor in Japan in 2011

Apple Opening Seventh Store in Spain on Saturday 12 May

Foxconn CEO: Apple and Foxconn Will Work to Improve the Lives of Supply-Chain Workers

iMore: Secret Source Says 7-Inch iPad Slated for October Release and $200 to $250 Price

Apple and 14 Other Companies Sued Over Alleged Patent Infringement Tied to 3G Communications

Proview/Apple Settlement Talk: Apple Reportedly Offers $16-Million, Proview Reportedly Asks for $400-Million

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